Start via a functioning beacon with a base made of suitable materials: diamond, gold or iron. My instance has a 3 x 3 iron base. As lengthy as the beacon lights up, any kind of variation is practical.

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You might expand also this model as you view fit. In my example I have actually tried to reproduce the 7 traditional rainbow colours, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and also Violet. If you have no concept exactly how piston feed takes occupational, never mind and also copy my example specifically.

These are stained glass blocks. If you didn"t understand, hold change to place blocks without interacting through the beacon.


Add a border as displayed and pislots (non-sticky). The gap is left purposely for toggling the piston feed clock on and also off.


If you don"t know what a clock is, it"s a circuit that runs on loop. This feed device powered one piston at a time, roughly a circle. I"ve found that the finest interval for this setup is 5 ticks; one repeater set all the method back to four ticks and one more set to the default one tick. If you are copying my architecture, all the repeaters are dealing with a clockwise direction.


The Inner piston will certainly cover ad uncover the beacon, successfully cutting the beam on and off. The outer piston will open and also cshed the clock. These will certainly enable the rainbow beacon to turn on and also off. I guess this is optional.


This is exactly how a switch deserve to be included, tbelow is a torch at the end of the redstone line, as shown. This provides the "beacon blocking" piston "ON" or "blocking" as the default position.

The sticky piston to the right of the lever is part of a signal length shortener. The repeater is dealing with amethod from the piston and is collection to 2 ticks (the minimum signal length for a piston to function).

The lever before cannot be reinserted by a redstone line. Wbelow, the dot of redstone prior to the piston is need to be a signal towards the piston. relocation it with a repeater dealing with right into the piston if you desire to put the lever before somewhere else.

You may now test the circuit. While the rainbow beacon is now practical by itself, you will alert that the beacon beam will certainly flash white between the shade changes. This is because of an insect that makes moving blocks "invisible". The next few procedures will fix this.

Build one more layer of stained glass blocks, pislots and also border. This second layer will certainly be similar the the reduced one however, this clock will run a tick sreduced. This fixes the difficulty by making sure that there is constantly a stationary block over the beacon.

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Bring the signal up using peak half slabs. Top slabs deserve to have redstone above and via them, solid blocks won"t job-related. The repeater instantly after the slabs is collection to one tick.