When it involves what you have the right to use to decorate the inner of her abodes in ~ Minecraft, your choices are surprisingly limited. The is why many civilization come increase with distinct DIY techniques of producing their very own furniture or items with such a theme, and in this article, we shall discuss how to do a staple of any kind of house. A TV. Not just any TV, however. A wide-screen tv that you can set up at your leisure.

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Materials compelled to make a tv in Minecraft

Unless you space very great and already have unlocked every little thing in Minecraft, over there is a good chance you’re walk to must use an innovative mode to create your television due to how rare several of these items are:

3 armor stands


3 ender dragon heads


Stone blocks


12 snow layers


1 stone wallMultiple redstone blocks


How To make a TV in Minecraft

Step 1

Make sure that the wall has a hole the is 2 blocks wide but 3 block high.


This will quickly be extended to 4 blocks high once you beat an extra great in the ground in ~ the hole of the wall.

Step 2

In the hole, you will desire to location six class of ice cream on every side so that it virtually fills up the hole, yet not entirely. Next, friend will desire to place armor stands into the snow-layer extended hole. One because that each block and also as straight as possible.

Keep in mind however that it might sink too deep and ignore the great entirely, and to circumvent this you deserve to place each stand in front of the hole, ar a piston behind every stand and then ar a Redstone block next to each piston to strength them up which have to knock the stands into the holes and at the ideal heights.


Step 3

Next place an armor stand appropriate behind the rightmost armor stand already in the feet as directly as possible. Next ar a cobblestone wall on the left of the stand and also a piston come its right.

Place a Redstone block come activate the piston which have to shove the stand right into the wall. Delete the wall, the piston, and the red stone and her stand need to be stand just between both armor was standing in the hole. 


Step 4

Go around the other side that the wall and location two red stone blocks simply in former of the armor stand of the hole. 


With the stand in place, you will then want to location two pistons behind the armor stand and also then location red blocks close to them to press the stand just in in between both armor stands into the hole, mashing all of them with each other yet cohesively. 


After that damage the red rock blocks ~ above the various other side the the wall.

Step 5

Take your three ender dragon heads and also place them on the heads of the armor stands. Every heads must be facing the very same direction.

Next, walk to the second set of blocks the are above the dragon heads and also replace the terracotta blocks through two terracotta blocks. 

Step 6

After that, change the terracotta blocks above the stone blocks v pistons facing downward, and replace those blocks above the pistons v Redstone blocks to activate said pistons.

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This will shove every blocks downwards, i m sorry you will repeat double to acquire your wanted results. As soon as this is done, damage the Redstone blocks, stone blocks, and also pistons and you should have actually your flatscreen TV.


Video Guide


This is there is no a doubt a very facility process to develop a realistic-looking flatscreen TV that technically no play anything. That being said, even though you have to follow everything to the letter, once you have ultimately gotten what girlfriend wanted, it will certainly all be worth it once you construct a house about it.