This write-up on cake dummies is a beginner post for those who are new to the world of cake decorating.

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If you have heard the word ‘cake dummy’ however not sure what it is or how it is used in cake decorating, girlfriend will obtain your answer here.


What room Cake Dummies?

Let me begin by showing you what cake dummies look like. There you go:


These room basically Styrofoam blocks that are cut into cake shapes (the most typical ones space round and square, however other shapes are also available) in varying heights (again, the most usual height that I have seen room 3 inches and 4 customs high).

What is Cake Dummies used For?

The main intention of cake dummies is come replace actual cake. And there are a couple of reasons why anyone would desire to usage a fake cake rather of actual cakes.

These are the most typical reasons why I use cake dummies:

Some client want big cakes but do not have actually a large guest listThis is frequently the case for weddings. Some brides want huge tiered cakes yet do not necessarily have actually the crowd to feed every the cake. In such cases, utilizing a cake dummy is the finest option. The bride it s okay what she wants and also there is no cake wastage.Cake entries because that competitionsCakes for a competition deserve to be elaborate and may need days that decorating work. Having actually a genuine cake in this circumstances will result in a spoilt cake through the finish of the competition. Besides, there is a possibility for wastage once using genuine cake and also the cake can not get eaten by every after the competition. Sometimes, contestants would prefer to store their work-related of art together a collection, and using a dummy instead of actual cake provides it a far better option.Cakes decorated for displayThis is particularly true because that bakeries and businesses who want to display cakes in your shops. This cakes are meant to it is in there for a long time for people to see and also admire. So, it goes without saying that having a fake cake is a better option for these cakes, both in regards to cost and also its expiry.Limited budgetUsing cake dummies to minimize the all at once cost the the cake is an additional reason why civilization use dummies rather of real cakes. The expense of the cake can be reduced and also replaced v the price of the dummy (though the decorating charges continue to be the same due to the fact that it calls for the exact same amount of frosting and also decorating time). This is particularly true for people who want huge cakes however not so much cake and also have a minimal budget.

Where come Buy Cake Dummies?

How to stack Dummies to Create double Barrel dummy Cakes?

If you are unable to discover a single block that styrofoam tall sufficient on its own to produce a dual barrel cake, you have the right to use ridge 2 block of foam in the very same size to achieve the elevation of the cake girlfriend want. Because that example, if you desire to do a 6-inch high cake and do not have a single block that steps 6 inches in height, friend would need to stack 2 block of 3 inches, high dummies, to get the 6 inches height for her cake. Come stick the dummies, I would certainly strongly imply using warm glue together it functions the finest in stop the block firmly together. I have tried with royal icing, yet it not to be as steady as the hot glue. In using the warm glue, try to apply it repetitively all roughly the peak surface that the block. Concentrating only on one side will leave you with an uneven double-barrel block the cake dummy.

Can friend Cover Cake Dummies through Buttercream?

Yes, most certainly can.

Can friend Cover Cake Dummies through Fondant?

Yes, most absolutely can too.As for fondant, relying on the size of the foam block you room using, there could a bit of prep occupational to do prior to you deserve to cover the dummies. This is because, most of the time, there room tiny feet or lines or dents on the styrofoam i m sorry if not smoothened, can display on the fondant when it’s extended over the dummies. Also, if you wish to make double barrel (tall dummy cakes) cakes and need to use 2 or an ext stacked blocks of styrofoam, friend will need to prepare the dummies or fairly patch up the joints with imperial icing before covering it with fondant. Let me display you exactly how I generally prepare mine cake dummies before covering them with fondant. Stacking Cake Dummies

Using a 2 inches and 4 customs high foam block to create double-barrel fake cake


Any slim dents or lines on the foam will be plainly visible if no patched increase properly before covering with fondant.

Assuming I desire to do a dual barrel dummy cake, ns would should stack 2 block of foam together. I perform this with warm glue so the the blocks continue to be attached firmly. Ns let the warm glue collection before functioning on the blocks further. Covering Holes and also DentsAfter that, I begin by piping some royal icing where the lines or dents are.
And then ns smooth the icing through my spatula.
The lines and also spaces perform not quite get covered through the first coat that icing. I let the foams rest for a while after ~ the very first coat (about 30 minutes) until the icing sets.
Applying a 2nd coat that icing

In law this, if there are rough icing spot on the block that has actually dried, ns smooth them with a spatula dipped in water.

Note:You need not covering the whole dummy with imperial icing, cover only where there space dents or currently are.I prefer to use royal icing instead of buttercream or ganache as royal icing dries hard and firm. This renders it simpler to handle contrasted to buttercream or ganache that can melt in warmer temperatures.In extending the dummies with fondant, come make certain the fondant sticks come the dummy, ns would typically just brush the styrofoam block through water. I do this through a large brush or sometimes host the block under a running tap come wet it all around and also shake off excess water lightly before putting it on a cake plank for fondant covering.This, however, have the right to only be used if as soon as there is no patch work-related on the dummy. Whereby I have done royal icing patching on the dummies, I usage a large brush come dampen the dummies. After that, I simply roll mine fondant and cover the dummy as I would certainly a regular cake.

How to Smooth Styrofoam fake Edges because that a Rounded Finish?

Some cake decorators like to smooth the edges of the dummies prior to covering through fondant. This will give the fake cakes a slightly rounded edge. To smooth the sides, you deserve to use her rolling pin and rub that on the edge to do it rounded. I for one, execute not choose to smooth the edge of my cake dummies as I favor my cake to have actually sharp edges after spanning with fondant. Yet if you perform wish to have actually rounded edge for her dummies, you understand you deserve to simply usage your rolling pen to smooth them.

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How to stack Dummy Cakes to do Tiered Cakes?


How to store Cake Dummies and Dummy Cakes?

Storing cake dummies is easy. You deserve to keep them almost everywhere so long as the clean particularly if they are to be supplied with actual cake.Storing decorated dummy cakes, however, can be a small tricky, depending upon your environment. I typically have to keep mine covered in huge plastic bags (clean rubbish bags). Or else I get tiny holes on the fondant top top the cakes once I wake up the following morning (eaten by home lizards!). 

Can Cake Dummies be Reused?

Cake dummies deserve to be reused, meaning you deserve to use them because that multiple projects. I have actually done this for my dummies, particularly those that i make because that my family since its less complicated to retrieve the dummies indigenous them. To reuse, merely scrap off every the icing and wash the fake thoroughly. Dab them and let them dry in the open air till they are totally dry before storing for future reuse. It is much much easier to to wash the dummies when covered in imperial icing or fondant. But buttercream can be a many harder come wash and clean totally due come the grease. I have likewise seen people wrapping your blocks through cling wrap before covering through fondant or buttercream. This is so the they deserve to reuse their blocks again. I have personally not tried working v dummies this way, however this is definitely an additional option. 

And the is pretty much all I have to share v you top top working through Styrofoam dummies for cake decorating.