I"m annoyed the every time i launch Minecraft, it"s a tiny home window (854x480 pixels + window borders) the I have to resize. I don"t desire to operation the video game in fullscreen, or maximized, but I perform want the window larger than that.

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And due to the fact that it"s difficult to range the home window precisely, my screenshots end up all various sizes.

I don"t watch anything in the choices GUI.


It"s much easier than in the self-answer. In the launcher, friend can click "Installations", climate on the profile you want (default is "Latest release") and also then collection a resolution in there.


Well, never mind. Ns figured the out.

Edit .minecraft/options.txt and collection the overrideWidth and also overrideHeight worths to your desired values. This will be the dimension of the game display itself (so the actual window will be slightly bigger with her OS"s borders).

Make certain the game and also launcher space closed while friend are editing and enhancing this file, otherwise it will reset them come 0.


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