Step 1: Locate the hood release level

Open the driver door and look under the dash, ideal over the parking brake. You need to check out the hood release manage.

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Step 2: Pull hood release to pop the hood up

Pull on the hood release and also you will certainly hear the hood pop up. Pull a couple of times on the release to make certain that the latches are released.


Tip 3: Pull the hood release FORWARD (Not UP).

Behind the grill is the hood latch release. If you don’t watch it, attempt lifting the hood up an inch. The release have to pop out. Grab and also pull the release forward. Do not attempt to lift the hood by pushing the hood release up.


Tip 4: Open hood

Grab the hood and also pull it approximately open up hood. If the hood does not open, pull the triangle shaped hood release and also pull it forward some more.


These instructions apply to the majority of Mercedes-Benz models such as the E-Class, C-Class, ML-Class, S-Class, SLK, CLK and other models. A few models such as the C-Class W204 don’t have the release come through the grill, instead you need to put your hand under the hood and move the release.

Tips & Tricks

To open up hood lift by grabbing the hood on the steel part. Do not lift the hood by the hood latch release. The triangle shaped hood release will certainly break if you use it to lift the hood.Pull the triangle shaped hood latch release forward just and keep it pulled. Do not press the hood latch release up, only pull forward.

If the hood does not release try this.

Have someone press dvery own on the hood through both hands.While your frifinish is pushing dvery own on the hood, you go and pull on the hood release inside the auto and store it pulled out. The perkid that is holding the hood dvery own the hood deserve to now try to lift the hood up aobtain.

If you are obtaining the open up hood warning in your instrument cluster you have to open and also attempt to cshed the hood again. Try pushing it dvery own a small tough this time.

If you still gain the warning yet the hood is closed then you should:

Check and change the hood latches.Check the hood micro-switch specifically to make sure it is not loose.

If you are getting the open up hood warning in your instrument cluster you must open and also try to cshed the hood aget. Try pushing it down a tiny hard this time.

If you still obtain the warning however the hood is closed then you should:

Check and readjust the hood latches.Check the hood micro-switch especially to make certain it is not loose.

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If your hood release cable damaged, try using acollection of pliers to pull on the cable assuming you deserve to still watch part of the cable.


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