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Ascension Zombie Map

Ascension is a relatively large map with a selection of indoor areas and outdoor areas. It's very comparable to the Black Ops 1 version, other than that the wall surface weapons and most the the secret box tools are various in Black Ops 3. You spawn in a room v one door at the bottom and one door ~ above the 2nd floor. There is a centrifuge in the generate room that will periodically activate and also spin for a few seconds. That can damage you if friend don't crouch to prevent it or save your distance when it spins. Zombies have the right to die indigenous the centrifuge device if they room close to it.

The strategy in this article will explain how to operation a an excellent zombie train top top Ascension to make it come the high rounds. However first, make certain you rotate on the power, i beg your pardon is on the roof. Your very first priorities need to be to acquire the juggernog perk and other perks. Also, activate every the lunar landers top top Ascension. Transforming on the lunar landars will permit you to press a switch on peak of the roof which reasons the rocket come shoot off into space. It opens up the area come the pack-a-punch upgrade machine.


Ascension High round Strategy

Note that it's possible to lose your perks on Ascension. Rather of hellhound enemies, monkeys from space will come and try to steal your perks. They will try and damages the perk machines. They room slower 보다 the hellhound dogs, yet they room a significant threat due to the fact that they will certainly steal all her perks if you don't protect the perks! I'd recommend no opening the door ~ above the stairs above juggernog, together the primates won't strike from behind. That method you can defend juggernog and also quick revive at the same time by stand in the spawn area. If girlfriend don't let the monkeys touch any perk machines, you'll receive a free perk power-up (making it feasible to obtain all exclusive right on Ascension this way).

Ascension Lunar Lander Zombie Train Strategy

An fantastic strategy because that making it come a high round on Ascension is running approximately in circles on the lunar lander pad. The one i am introduce to is the lunar lander pad where the "Widows Wine" perk maker is. Walk upstairs native the generate room and also take a right. It's upstairs wherein the van is outside.

The reason why running about in circles at the lunar lander pad is wonderful strategy is because it's a big area. Additionally, it's relatively easy to produce a zombie train behind you. Most of the zombies will be running up the stairs, however a couple of will come from the barricade behind the Widows wine perk machine.

Whenever a ring starts, start running roughly in circles at the pad. Don't shoot the zombies until you have actually a huge group behind you (which is nicknamed a "zombie train"). Only so plenty of zombies can spawn in ~ once. Whenever all (or most) of the zombies room behind you, shoot them under to make a enormous amount the points.


Ascension Zombie Train Strategy

Using the Thundergun

In order because that the zombie train strategy to job-related optimally, you'll require the thundergun. The thundergun deserve to take out an entire group of zombie with just one or two shots. Your goal must be to shot and gain the thundergun weapon the end of the an enig box on Ascension. Only one player in the video game can have the weapon.

Since the thundergun go not organize a ton the ammunition, just fire the weapon when there's a zombie train team behind you. Or if you're in a instance where you're trapped or short on ammo. Make sure to pack-a-punch the weapon so it carries an ext ammo.

"Fireworks" Weapon Enhancement

In the greater rounds, zombies become so an effective that even headshots do not kill them appropriate away. Pack-a-punch a weapon till you acquire the "fireworks" upgrade. This enhancement is impressive for wiping out large groups of zombies! in ~ random, her upgraded weapon will fire a powerful burst of fireworks the destroys lock instantly. I highly RECOMMEND using it. It conserves a ton that ammo in assault rifles since you don't have to fire entire magazine clips top top zombies.

Use a weapon like the KN-44 due to the fact that you have the right to continuously buy ammo for it off the wall. The KN-44 weapon is outside prior to you with the area in ~ the rocket whereby pack-a-punch is.

Running a zombie train in ~ the lunar pad is just one of the finest strategies to make it come a high ring on black color Ops 3 Chronicles: Ascension. Simply make sure you don't run out that ammo. Usage max ammo gobblegums and also keep to buy ammo for the KN-44 (or other wall weapon) in in between rounds.




You might want to acquire mule absent so you deserve to purchase a third weapon. Just make certain you don't have the thundergun as a 3rd weapon slot or you'll lose it when you don't have actually the mule absent perk. Great luck!

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a zombie player on respectable 06, 2017:

I agree v the above strategies however I regularly like to replace fireworks with dead wire together dead wire has the shortest cool down time of all the ammo species and because of this it has tendency to activate much more often. Other than the this is a great strat the me and also my friends use as soon as going for highrounds.

Brent jones009 on July 16, 2017:

Just a few additional comments.

1. Constantly keep at least 12 rounds obtainable in the upgraded thunder gun for the monkey rounds. After ring 50, nothing rather kills them.

2. As far as weapons, David is 100% right, KN-44 with fire works and upgraded thunder gun. Also, make certain you get the black color hole.

3. For perks, just gain jug and also quick revive. Do not acquire widows wine since it screws up your timing as soon as trying come train up zombies.

4. Gobblegums ns use are power vacuum, ring Robbin, max ammo, mental blown, and also reign drops. These room the ideal to have when you obtain up to round 100 or so. Anything else is useless. I commonly stock increase on this gobblegums, yet I don't actually start using lock until about round 90.

5. Agree with David, perform not open door over jug.

6. After round 50 or so, zombies room basically invincible, so just weapons through infinite damages will work. So usage the following: upgraded thunder gun, KN 44 through fire works, black hole, nuke, insta kill, fire trap.

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Brent jones009 on July 16, 2017:

Good article, just a few additional comments

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