I"m do a discover the button map on Minecraft. I"ve do one level whereby you press a switch on the vault level, and also on the following level it puts the switch on your head. Is it feasible to do the button (still on the player"s head) be inserted on a certain block? (eg. Have the right to be inserted on redstone ore)?

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p through the target selector of your choice, stone_button v wooden_button, lever, whatever you want, and stone with the name of the block you desire them to be able to place the button on. You can also replace slot.armor.head with something rather if you want to.

Try looking stuff up on the wiki first:

Here you can read about replaceitem, which allows you placed the item on the player"s head: commands - official Minecraft Wiki

This is a page around item NBT data: Player.dat style - official Minecraft Wiki

Have fun!

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