Cars are facility things. What might seem like a basic task of putting a Ford traveler in neutral while the battery is dead have the right to be difficult if girlfriend don’t recognize how.

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The Ford traveler came out in 1990, accessible as one of two people a 2- or 4-door. When the former has long due to the fact that gone, the latter is now one of the most popular full-size crossovers sold approximately the world.

How do you placed a Ford explorer in neutral with a dead battery? 

You cannot just put the vehicle in neutral. Since the battery is dead, the gear shift is walking to it is in locked. You can, however, put your Ford traveler in neutral if you follow the steps in this write-up to acquire your automobile in neutral so that you deserve to move it together needed and get the jumper cables in location to fee the battery.

Putting a Ford Explorer in neutral after the battery has died can seem prefer a difficult task, specifically if you have a newer automobile or one that has actually an automatic transmission. There room ways, however, to put your Ford explorer in neutral, even if the battery is completely dead.

We room going come talk around how to get your dead car in neutral, why you could need to carry out this, and what it means when a dead auto is in neutral after ~ the battery has actually died.

Your Battery is Dead, What carry out You Do?

When a car battery dies so, perform all the aspects that make it possible to relocate the vehicle, to journey the vehicle, and also to use any type of of that functions.

Even despite the car is dead, you are likely still going to need to relocate it to a particular position. This allows for the battery to it is in hooked up to either a battery charger or to another automobile so the the battery have the right to be jumped or charged.

While your auto does not need to be in neutral for the battery to it is in jumped, or because that it to charge, since it is no drivable once the battery is dead, it is walking to be far simpler to move it come the position that you desire it in if girlfriend do have actually it in neutral.

So, what carry out you do as soon as your battery dies and also the gear transition is locked and also will not move? Keep reading to discover out.

Shifting your Ford explorer into Neutral v a Dead Battery


In newer design cars the gear shift deserve to only it is in engaged and moved when the ignition is on and the vehicle is running. This poses a trouble when the battery is dead and also the ignition can not be engaged.

On most newer design cars, or those that have actually an automatic transmission, there is a small panel in ~ the peak of the gear shift panel alongside the gear shifter.

You execute want to very first put the vehicle’s emergency park brake on, to make certain that as soon as the vehicle shifts right into neutral that does not roll or move without your wanting the to. This is also going to aid make sure that you deserve to work on gaining the auto out the park without having actually to keep your foot top top the brake pedal.

You deserve to use a small screwdriver or other flat tool to open up this tiny panel. After ~ you eliminate the little panel friend will notification that there is a button behind it.

After you press the button the gear change will unlock and you will be able to turn the ignition on, press the brake pedal all the way, and change the vehicle to neutral. This button is described as the transition lock override and also is a manual method of overriding the gear change lock as soon as the car dies or will certainly not change gears.

Why might You require to transition to Neutral in a Dead Vehicle?

The most typical need to change your dead Ford traveler into neutral is that the auto is no in the optimal place to fee or run the battery. In many situations people will simply carry a battery charger or another automobile end to the front of the car and charge it wherein it stands.

However, what if your automobile is in a position that provides it difficult to charge or to accessibility the battery? This is where changing the car into neutral so it have the right to be maneuvered is handy.

Being able come unlock your gear transition and change your vehicle into neutral is walk to make it feasible to move your vehicle approximately without damaging the gears and also without worrying about your auto not being able to move freely.

Shifting your vehicle into neutral as soon as it is dead is just going to make it less complicated to get your vehicle into a place to fee it so that you have the right to drive that again.

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With any vehicle the is always best to have a source on her side choose Vehicle history where you can do rapid searches of typical problems. Understanding a good deal about your particular car is helpful, however having a source where you have the right to share expertise is even more helpful.