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Droid MAXX 2 Battery replacement IFixit fix Guide

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You have the right to see that on the prior of the battery on your instructions for an altering the battery in the Maxx 2. The instead of battery doesn"t have actually that.Now to mine problem. I adjusted the battery, super easy, no problem. It it is provided the phone just fine, however the battery would certainly not recharge. I had ordered 2

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Motorola DROID MAXX Battery instead of IFixit repair …

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Don"t stroked nerves trying to remove the battery ~ above the Droid Maxx, it"s not feasible without destroying the whole phone. I spent 2 hours closely tearing the apart make the efforts to get to the battery only to uncover out the entire thing is made out of really thin class of some sort of material wrapped in a slim sheet.

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Correct Answer: can The Battery top top A Droid Maxx Be removed

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Remove Or download The back Cover DROID MAXX 2 through

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Remove the back Cover. Certain the an equipment is rotated upside down and also with the display screen facing away. Remove the earlier cover as shown. Making use of the provided slot, very closely lift (figure 1) then detach the sheathe (figure 2). Install the ago Cover. Align and set the cover in place. Press down follow me the edge of the cover to lock it into place.

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Link because that replacement tape: because that battery v tools: for replacement earlier cover: