When i signed up v Vudu I gone into my credit card information. But I don't like having actually my card stored top top a vendor's site, I favor to get in the info as needed. This reduce the exposure in situation their site's security falls short to protect against a data breech.

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Vudu is the only vendor I've encountered whereby that doesn't appear to it is in possible.

Is there a way to delete one's CC from their database? every I've uncovered is that i can modify my payment technique to include a various CC, no means to delete the present info.



Just connect your PayPal? Or a PayPal that is not linked to any of her cards. I have actually mine on PayPal especially so that ns wouldn’t have actually to offer out my map info

Thanks for the idea. I did that and also then saw PayPal and canceled the authorization. Hopefully that will do what i want.

Look increase a cc generator website and out in a fake number. It will pass the inspection but not permit purchases. Then I would certainly just add a Walmart gift map for future purchases and also reload together needed.

Thank you. It was a good idea yet it didn't job-related on the Vudu site. I tried two various numbers (Discover and Mastercard) and got "bank declined" ~ above one and "invalid number" ~ above the other.

Go to walmart. Purchase a $5 gift card (visa or mc logo) (I offered a staples rewards card) and readjust your payement technique on record in the setups through your television or mobile app.

Thanks. I formerly purchased a Walmart gift card thinking that I might replace mine CC through that but the Vudu website insists ~ above a CC.

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Now looking at the Visa and also MC cards at walmart.com I find that the the smallest denomination is $25 (plus some extr amount i guess for the "convenience" of having the card). Based upon your pointer I guess that the B&M Walmarts offer $5 Visa/MC cards yet there's no store near me - nearest is at least 3 hrs round pilgrimage via subway & bus. Probably I should spring for the $25 card however I don't choose their terms:

What business Fees are associated with the Card? A business Fee that $2.50 every month start on the 7th month native the day of activation will be used to any remaining balance, except where prohibition by law. Please describe Cardholder agreement for more information .Does the Vanilla Visa Gift map expire? The map is valid with the expiration date shown on the front of the card or until the value reaches zero. Prior to expiration, any remaining map balance can be transferred to a brand-new Card minus a Re-Issuance Fee. View Cardholder agreement for details.