The headphones that come constructed right into the Rift are not poor and also will certainly definitely deliver sound, but attaching your very own headphones is where it"s at.

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Having something over-ear can be dangerous (you might not hear the firefighters breaking dvery own your door so they put out the fire that began once you left the cooktop on for two hours) yet have the right to likewise deliver immersion favor nothing else.

Want to rerelocate the headphones from your Rift? Here"s exactly how.

What you"ll need


Oculus audio tool (or a flat-head screwdriver)Oculus headset

How to rerelocate the integrated Rift headphones

Loosen the side head straps to permit easier access to the screws.


Unscrew the ideal and left ear-pieces. They"re located on the inside of the headset band also wright here the headphones affix.


Keep in mind that you should attach your personal headphones to the PC in order to receive sound. We discovered that using a cable extender and also wrapping said cable approximately the Oculus cables is the finest means to protect against tripping or ripping the headphones off your head. You"ll likewise have to readjust the audio settings in Oculus Home to acquire audio with your very own headphones.

How to reaffix the integrated Rift headphones


You desire to ensure you attach the best ear-piece via the best side of the Rift; also through the left ear-item via the left side of the Rift. Notice there is a tiny R and small L on the inside of the corresponding ear-pieces.

Line up the male connectors on the headphones via the female connectors on the headset.


Apply press to the headphone so that it sits flush through the headcollection.


Screw the left and also right headphones onto the headcollection.


Setups adjustments in order to use your own headphones with Rift

Launch Oculus Home from your desktop or Start menu.Click the equipment icon in the optimal appropriate corner.

Click Settings.


Click Devices.

Click Rift.


Click the dropdvery own menu beneath VR Audio Output.

Click Windows default.

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If you want to switch earlier to the Rift headphones, repeat the procedures above however choose Rift headphones instead of Windows default.

Your Rift sound options

Have you removed the Rift"s built-in headphones? What perform you use instead? Let us know in the comments section below!

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