If you have actually been struggling through the removal and insertion the a sim card/ SD card (external storage device) right into your Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile, climate you have involved the right place. In this guide, we have defined how to eliminate & insert a sim card indigenous Galaxy S6 and how to eliminate & insert an SD card from Galaxy S6.

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How to remove SIM card from Galaxy S6

Follow our step-by-step instructions, explained with diagrams, to discover to carry out so safely.

Precautions to take as soon as inserting or removing sim card/SD card:

1. Whenever friend insert her SIM/SD card right into a cell phone phone, ensure the is powered OFF.

2. The center card tray must be dry. If it is wet, the will cause damage come the device.

3. Ensure that, after ~ inserting your center card, the center card tray totally fits into the device. This will assist avoid liquid circulation into the device.

How to Remove/Insert center card in Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 support Nano-SIM cards. Below are step-wise instructions to insert a center card in Samsung Galaxy S6.

1. Power OFF your Samsung Galaxy S6.

2. Throughout the purchase of your device, friend are given an ejection pin tool inside the phone box. Insert this device inside the small hole existing at the top of the device. This i m going the tray.


Tip: If you do not have an ejection device to monitor the procedure, you deserve to use a file clip.

3. Once you insert this tool perpendicular come the an equipment hole, you will certainly hear a click sound once it mr up.

4. Tenderness pull the tray in the outside direction.


5. Push the SIM card right into the tray.

Note: always place the SIM through its gold-colored contacts facing the earth.



6. Gently press the SIM card to ensure that is fixed properly. Else, it could fall off or not sit effectively in the tray.

7. Gently press the tray inwards to insert it earlier into the device. You will certainly again hear a click sound once it is fixed effectively on her Samsung phone.

You deserve to follow the same measures to eliminate the center card together well.

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How come Remove/Insert SD map in Samsung Galaxy S6

You have the right to follow the above-mentioned procedures to insert or remove the SD card from Samsung Galaxy S6 due to the fact that the two slots, for the center card and also the SD card, are an installed on the exact same tray.

How come Unmount SD map from Samsung Galaxy S6

It is always recommended come unmount her memory card prior to you remove it native the device. This will protect against physical damage and data loss during ejection. Unmounting an SD card ensures its for sure removal from your phone. Right here is exactly how you can use mobile setups to unmount the SD map from her Samsung Galaxy S6.

1. Walk to the Home screen. Click on the Apps icon.

2. From numerous inbuilt apps shown here, select Settings.

3. Get in into Storage Settings.

5. Click on the SD card option.

6. Click on Unmount.

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The SD card is unmounted, and also now it have the right to be safely removed.

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We expect this post was helpful and you to be able to eliminate SIM cards from Galaxy S6. If you have any queries about this article, reach out to us through the comments section below.