Do you must fix the American conventional shower handle? bathroom fittings from American Standard space what lock claim- standard and reliable. They are pretty to look at, unify well v your bathroom and also are sensibly priced.

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But after ~ a particular time has passed, any high-quality bathroom installation will need replacement. Shower handle are especially vulnerable since there are valves inside them that can failure after a while.

Maybe the handle is corroded, possibly it leaks- whatever it is, there will certainly come a time as soon as you have to fix it.

But before we gain to that, let me quickly map out the anatomy that a shower handle for you-

Table that Contents

10 actions to remove an American traditional Shower Handle:

Parts that a shower head Handle and How to determine What Is Wrong with Them

There room a couple of parts to the shower take care of that you might find confusing when you open it up. Therefore let’s take it a watch at all of them.

The handle: This is the component with i m sorry you regulate the shower.

The wall plate: neighboring the handle will be a wall plate, i beg your pardon hides the rest of the assembly from your sight. The wall plate deserve to corrode, for this reason look because that that.

Adjuster ring: appropriate on peak of the valve will be a colored adjuster ring, to regulate water temperature. If the temperature is no being adjusted as it offered to, probably the adjuster ring or the valve itself is malfunctioning.

The cartridge: On remove the valve, girlfriend will check out the cartridge, which is responsible because that the water pressure. You recognize which component to change if there is a problem when you twist the handle and also water does not come out together it should.

10 actions to remove an American traditional Shower Handle:

Materials Required

A Philips screwdriver

The Allen wrench that came v the shower handle, or a similar-sized one.

Step 1: Disconnecting the Water Supply

Shut turn off the water it is provided to the household (that is- if you can not shut off just the water supply to the details bathroom the you will be working on).

Step 2: To prevent Splashes

Open the shower handle and let any water in the pipes drain out. This is required because you will be opening the valve in a second, and also you don’t desire the excess water to be sprayed on you.

Step 3: acquisition Off the Screws

Now, relocate the manage up. You will check out a hole wherein you have the right to insert the Allen wrench and loosen the set screw that holds the handle.

Step 4: removing the Handle

Remove the handle by pulling it towards your body. Collection it aside and also check what friend see currently that the handle is removed.

Pay attention to the next couple of screws that space holding the wall surface plate come the restroom tile. Some companies will not have actually visible screws here, however American conventional usually does.

These 2 screws space pretty long, for this reason unscrew lock slowly. Open up up the plate. That will expose the white-colored valve.

Step 5: taking the Valve out

The cylindrical valve is nowadays made the rubber-like material (it supplied to be ceramic!). That is linked to the remainder of the cartridge through 3 conventional screws.

On optimal of the valve, you can see the adjuster ring, i beg your pardon is make of colored rubber-like material (in the ceramic type, this ring will certainly be do of colored metal and can be supplied again v a brand-new valve).

Remove the 3 screws and take the valve out.

Note just how the valve to be attached to the remainder of the structure–you will probably see 1 perfect ring hole and 2 squished up holes.

Honestly, not to creep you the end or anything, yet they look choose those skeleton masks from the scary movies, v squished up, downward-sloping eyes and also a screaming, open mouth–you acquire the idea.

The perfect circle would have actually been on the top–note that alignment and place the valve aside.

Step 6: acquisition the O-ring off the Cartridge

Now the the valve is removed, you would have actually exposed a metallic structure. That is the cartridge. There space 3 flat-head screws that settle an O-ring top top the cartridge.

(You will note that this metallic ring surrounds a structure that synchronizes to the ring holes the the valve had.)

Remove the flat-head screws and detach the ring from the cartridge.

Step 7: Pulling the end the Cartridge

Now there is naught but basic pressure maintaining the cartridge right into the wall.

You have the right to pull out the cartridge with your screwdriver as a wedge (because her fingers may not be able to get a host of the cartridge when it is completely inside the wall).

Step 8: Repair damages (If Any)

Now the the cartridge is out, over there is a big hole in your bathroom wall.

You can clean that cartridge-sized hole, inspect for any type of damage in the cartridge, and also replace the if it is damaged.

Note exactly how there are two colored ring on the covert side of the cartridge as soon as it was within the wall. These room the snap-on relationships to her waterlines. There will be two matching holes in the wall.

So as soon as you replace/reinstall the cartridge, you have to make sure that this rings are appropriately aligned with those holes. Then you push the cartridge in all the way and attach the O-ring.

Step 9: put the Valve ago in

If all is well with the valve as well, you can reinstall it. Or change it through a brand-new one if the is damaged.

Align it appropriately with the skeleton-faced holes, and also put the screws back on.

There is a rubber piece where the handle will affix to the large valve. Make sure that this is to adjust correctly also so that there will certainly be no gap when you affix the handle.

Step 10: Re-bolt the wall surface Plate and also Re-attach the Handle

At this stage, before you placed the wall plate back, you have the right to just on slide in the shower handle and also switch top top the water it is provided to check out that there is no leakage.

If anything leaks, you probably need to double-check the alignments and also tighten lock up.

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If all is well, re-attach the wall plate v its 3 typical screws, and the shower handles through its small collection screw.

Yahoo! you have effectively removed and also re-installed her American standard shower handle!