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Is her Chevy Silverado’s running light worn out? If that is, readjust the running light bulb. Here’s a guide on how to change running light pear Chevy Silverado.

How to change running light bulb Chevy Silverado | KRM Light+

If you own a Chevy Silverado, you’ll more than likely experience a busted to run light or two from time to time. In fact, Chevy’s are recognized to be a small bit breakable when it pertains to their light systems. In the event that this type of thing happens, you just really need to know how to replace running light pear Chevy Silverado.

For those who are new to trucks and also have never replaced a Chevy to run light pear before, this overview will prove come be really useful. We’ll be teaching you all about running lights and also how to readjust them. V our guide on how to replace running light pear 2008 Chevy Silverado, you can replace one easily.

What Is a running Light?

Before we describe anything that has to do through how to change running light bulb Chevy Silverado 2002, let’s take it a look in ~ what to run lights are and also what they’re provided for. To run lights space actually the same navigating lights. They’re not like headlights in a sense that they irradiate up the road ahead that you. Rather, they simply make your car visible therefore that various other cars nothing bump into you. They room usually situated at the former of her car and also are generally turned on at night.

The to run lights space most advantageous in two-way roads wherein a vehicle can’t phone call if yes a automobile at front approaching. That a an extremely important safety feature that can defend you from any crashes that happen due to the fact that of the absence of illumination. It is why it’s really important to know how to replace running light pear Chevy Silverado 2002 or 2004. The running lights space there to alert human being on the road that she driving roughly the area.

Replacing the running Light bulb of her Chevy Silverado Car

Now the you recognize what a running light is and also how it works, let’s move on to the guide on how to change running light pear Chevy Silverado.

These are the measures on how to perform that:

Open increase the hood and look for the headlights.Look because that the guide pins ~ above the top of the headlights and also take them out one by one.Remove the headlight through disconnecting the connectors.Take the bottom component of the headlight the end by pushing on the clamps uncovered on both sides.Look for the running light at the bottom part and take the end the socket.Take the old light bulb the end by turning it come the side until it come out.Get the new light bulb and fasten the on the socket.Put the running light back in place and reattach the headlight.Put the overview clamps earlier on and also test the irradiate to watch if that works.

You might be questioning yourself if these steps work for all Chevy Silverado models. Well, most of the 2001 Silverado models nice much have the same constructed when it pertains to the bright system. Since they’re all built really similar to each other, you can repeat this process with any type of Chevy Silverado version that you come across. The overview is applicable for 2001, 2002, 2004 and even 2008 models that Silverado.

If girlfriend want additionally want to recognize the finest light for off-roading, we have an article specialized to this topic. You have the right to read it HERE.


As you can see, learning how to change running light pear Chevy Silverado is exceptionally easy. The trick here is locating the place of the to run light and also taking the out. As soon as you take it out, you deserve to easily connect a brand-new bulb and place it ago to its initial position.

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Once you understand where to find the to run light, then you should have actually no difficulty replacing the bulb. The best part about this procedure is the you don’t should have any type of tools on you to carry out it. Every you need to have actually is this overview to help you if ever before you run right into some trouble.

So, the next time that your running light it s okay busted, don’t worry. Just run under to the store and also follow this guide.