To reset a slot machine, open the business panel, situate the jackpot compartment, insert the jackpot crucial, and also rotate it slightly to the ideal. This 5-minute procedure needs the service panel crucial, the jackpot compartment essential and also a flashlight.

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Open the organization panelInsert the slot machine service panel crucial right into the lock on the side of the machine. Turn the key until the panel pops open up.

Find the jackpot compartment and key

Locate the jackpot compartment, utilizing a flashlight if necessary. If you carry out not already have the jackpot compartment vital, examine the sides of the cash box. Many slot machine models have a plastic jackpot crucial sleeve on the side of the cash box.

Turn the jackpot compartment lock

Insert the crucial into the jackpot compartment. Slowly turn it one-quarter revolve to the ideal. Do not revolve the key further or attempt to revolve it multiple times, bereason this reasons a lot of slot devices to enter calibration mode and provides them temporarily unplayable..

Close the machine

Return the key to its original place, take it out of the lock, and also rerevolve it to the sleeve on the side of the cash box. Close the business panel, and also verify that the machine is reset.

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