While you use HTC phone, acquisition screenshot because that the screen, the lengthy message thread, webpage, etc., is fast way to conserve what you need.

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How to take screenshot ~ above HTC?

If you room using HTC phone, you may have known it. However, execute you know how to take it the scrolling or the partial screenshot?

That’s what we shall uncover, a step-by-step guide to screenshot HTC phone for all models.


Part 1. How to take Screenshot because that HTC Screen

Like all Android phones, it is basic to take the energetic screen top top a HTC phone. Here, there space 3 methods to take it screenshots.

Power + home Buttons Combination

Navigate the screen where you desire to take screenshot ~ above HTC, press and hold the Power switch until your phone vibrates, and also then tap top top the Home button while still pushing the power button. Release both that them as soon as you listen a shutter click and also see a preview of her screenshot on the screen.

Note: for the HTC U11 and earlier models, press and also hold Power and Volume down switch at the very same time.


Screenshot Shortcut

The second means to take it screenshot ~ above HTC is similar to those on various other Android models. Simply swipe to the 2nd panel that the navigating Bar, then tap the screenshot faster way (a camera image).


Screenshot faster way is similar to screenshot on iphone phone via gestures.

Edge feeling on HTC U11/U12+

The third means to take it an active screen is using Edge Sense, i m sorry you can download native Google Play. Through Edge Sense, you can customize its to express gestures to do different actions, including capturing screenshots.

Tap Settings, choose Edge Sense, hit set short squeeze or collection squeeze & hold action depending ~ above what you would certainly like, choose catch Screen, and also save the settings you made.

After that, you have the right to open the display that you want to capture and use the gesture or hold activity you collection to take a screenshot.

Note: Edge feeling is at this time supported through HTC U11 and U12+.


Part 2. Exactly how to capture a Scrolling Screenshot on HTC

When you want to catch a scrolling photo on HTC for lengthy message conversation, webpages, articles, etc., you require extra steps.

Step 1 Swipe come the 2nd panel and tap the screenshot shortcut.

Alternatively, press Power + Home button on the navigation bar or power + Volume down switch meanwhile, choose the an initial and second an approach in component 1.

Step 2 Tap scroll at the bottom that the screen, and also keep tapping Scroll until you finish the entirety scrolling screenshot.

Step 3 Tap edit to draw or go into the text on the screenshot optionally, and tap share or save to take it the scrolling screenshot successfully.


Note: For acquisition screenshot on HTC, you must download the HTC Screenshot Tool. The HTC Screen capture Tool is the freeware to take it screenshot ~ above HTC phone. Friend can totally free download this application from Google Play, if the is no pre-installed on her phone.

It can record the scrolling image, selected area, and edit the screenshot.

Part 3. Exactly how to do a Partial Screenshot on HTC

While you simply need the scene from a screen, taking partial screenshot is what you want.

Step 1 Repeat the measures to take it a screenshot usually in step 1 of component 2.

Step 2 at the bottom the the screen, insanity Partial. Then drag the corners or political parties to crop the screenshot. Struggle Done and use the modify features optionally come tap share or Save.


Part 4. Bobus Reading: cost-free Screen record Software for Computer

The above solutions are the cost-free ways to take screenshot on HTC phone. Here, an additional one free screen record program, display screen Capture, is recommended to you.

It is the display recorder software, which can record the screen, video, and also audio on her computer.

● capture screenshot of home window and selected area indigenous computer. ● Record video and audio v high quality. ● catch picture-in-picture for games, video calls, conference, and so on. ● Real-time modifying while recording computer system screen, like draw, add text, etc.

Step 1 cost-free download this software application on her computer. Navigate the display screen that you desire to take a screenshot for. In the main interface, choose Screen Capture.

Then an arrowhead with a cross will show, and also you have the right to hover your computer mouse over the home window or left-click the computer mouse to take a screenshot of selected area.

Step 2 as soon as the screenshot is done, that will offer the editing tools to draw the line, include the shape, add the text, etc. Click conserve to fiddle the screenshot on her computer.


Part 5. Faqs of taking Screenshot on HTC

Where execute the screenshot go top top HTC phone?

The images caught are saved in the screenshots albums in Gallery. You can uncover them through visiting her phone Gallery. Check much more here come learn around where screenshots go top top Android phone.

How execute I deliver screenshots indigenous HTC phone to SD card?

The recorded screenshots, camera shots, media and also other records will it is in stored ~ above the SD card by default. You do not need to migrate the screenshots from HTC phone inner storage right into SD card.

How carry out I screenshot on mine HTC if my power button is broken?

If your power button is broken, you have the right to use the screenshot shortcut in the second panel to capture the HTC phone screen.


To take screenshot on HTC phone is easy via the button combinations or the shortcut. Moreover, girlfriend can additionally use the sheet Sense application on the HTC U11/U12+. Together for catching screen on computer, you deserve to use display Recorder to make it.

Is there any suggestion come take screenshot on HTC phone indigenous you?

Do no hesitate to leave her comments below.

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