To acquire a Galaxy Keep in mind 3screenshot,you have actually plenty of options includinggestures, S Pen or hardware butloads. This implies that you have a complete of three way to get a screen grab on the Keep in mind 3. It"s worth trying out each Galaxuy Keep in mind 3 screenswarm method to see which one works best for you. Here goes.

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On the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you are practically spoilt for choice when it concerns the variety of means you need to capture screenshots -- and also that"s before you think about the added options that deserve to be included by installing apps! Here are the 3 constructed in methods for recording imeras.

Galaxy Note 3 screenswarm with switch push combo

If you recognize one method to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, then it"s more than likely this one. It"s the very same key press that is provided on the majority of various other handsets -- just push and organize the power and also residence switch at the same time. Keep the butloads pressed for a minute till you see the border of your display screen light up, and the screenshot will certainly be saved to your gallery.


Galaxy Note 3 screenswarm via palm swipe

If you want to be able to take a screenswarm without having to fiddle via button, the hand also swipe approach can be the one for you. You"ll need to have the function allowed in progressed, so use the following procedures. Swipe dvery own from the top of the display and also tap the cog icon to access Settings.


Move to the Controls area and tap Palm motion. Flick the major switch to the On place, and then perform the very same for the Catch display screen establishing. You deserve to then take a screenswarm by ssuggest placing the edge of your hand also on one side of the screen and also swiping throughout to the various other.

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Galaxy Keep in mind 3 screenswarm with S Pen

Using the S Pen is very similar to the conventional crucial push method of recording a screenswarm, yet it is fairly much less fiddly. Press the S Pen button and also while you have actually the button held down, tap somewhere on the display screen. The screenswarm will certainly be instantly conserved to your Gallery prepared for viewing.


What is your favorite technique for recording screenshots? Which do you find quickest and also easiest?