Need to record what"s on her Galaxy keep in mind 4 or Galaxy note Edge? Here"s how ...

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Here"s a quick, beneficial trick for anyone choose up the Samsung Galaxy note 4 or that curved-screen sibling, the Galaxy keep in mind Edge. Similar to earlier Galaxy S and Galaxy keep in mind devices, there room a couple of ways you can take a screenshot ~ above the Galaxy keep in mind 4 — utilizing either a switch combination, a swipe gesture throughout the screen, or the S Pen stylus.

For knowledgeable Samsung users, points are much the very same as before. However if you"re coming end from an iphone phone or some various other device, it"s worth to brush up ~ above the basics.


Using the home and also power buttons

This is the easiest way to record a screenshot ~ above the Galaxy keep in mind 4, and it"s the main technique you"ll use throughout most Samsung Galaxy phones. The particular button combination is actually the very same as Apple"s iPhone, only with the buttons somewhat in different ways placed.

Get the screen you want to catch ready.Hold under the home and also power buttons all at once to save an image of whatever"s on-screen.After a second, the outside of the display screen will flash briefly, accompanied by a shutter sound come let you understand your screenshot has actually been taken.

Once that"s done, you have the right to see your screenshots in the collection app, or in Samsung"s built-in "My Files" paper browser. Friend can likewise share it straight with various other apps with the Share button in the screenshot notification that appears.

If that doesn"t work, make certain you"re pressing the home an essential and power vital at specifically the same time.


This is usually a gesture shortcut to the very first method of taking a screenshot. Tilt her hand ~ above its side, v your thumb facing up, climate swipe across the screen from edge to edge. (Either direction will work.) You"ll view the very same animation and sound effect to allow you understand your Galaxy note 4 has actually taken a screenshot.

If friend don"t desire to use this screenshot gesture, or if you discover you"re triggering the accidentally when navigating the Galaxy note 4"s massive display, you have the right to turn it turn off in the "Motion and gestures" menu in the settings app.

Samsung Galaxy note 4 screenshot: using the S Pen and Screen Write


If you desire to take it a screenshot on her Galaxy keep in mind 4 and also then annotate or modify it after ~ the fact, the easiest method to carry out so is making use of the S Pen and also the "Screen Write" alternative from the wait Command menu.

Undock the S Pen from her Galaxy keep in mind 4. (If the wait Command food selection wheel doesn"t automatically appear, float over the screen and also press the button on your S Pen.)Using the S Pen, select "Screen Write" native the wait Command menu, together in the photograph above.Your Galaxy keep in mind 4 will certainly capture picture of whatever"s on-screen, permitting you to attract or compose on peak of it using the S Pen.

The wait Command wheel additionally lets you cut out individual portions of the display to share to other apps and services.

Once you"ve bring away a Galaxy note 4 screenshot, it"s straightforward to share castle on Facebook, Twitter, email or Google+ — or all over else, for that matter. Just look for the share button in the screenshot notification, or in the display Write feature.

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