If you are wondering exactly how to see how numerous friends you have actually on Snapchat, issue not reason we have acquired you covered. Check out this article to discover how.

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How to see how countless friends you have on Snapchat

Open Snapchat, click you profileGo to Maps -> settings -> “Only these friends”Click on “Select All” -> “Save”Navigate earlier to Snap maps, click your bitmojiOpen your profile and scroll under to “Sharing location to x friends”The number will signify how numerous Snapchat friends girlfriend have. 

Snapchat is the go-to application for all casual conversations, sharing random snaps and building up your streaks cred. That is many popular among the younger generation, permitting them to share all the fun snippets of their lives in a creative way. 

If you room a day-to-day Snapchat user who particularly enjoys sending out text messages and also snaps to her friends, we are sure you will have actually quite a substantial list the Snapchat friends. Now, unfortunately, there is no direct method to uncover out how plenty of friends you have on Snapchat. But worry not, reason we have obtained you covered. 

In this article, we have consisted of 3 different methods that answer your inquiry on “how to check out how numerous friends you have actually on Snapchat”. The techniques are extremely simple, so keep reading and follow the instructions provided to know-how friend can discover your friends count. 


How to watch how countless friends you have on Snapchat (Using the Maps)

Snapchat Maps is just one of the most reliable ways to find how numerous Snapchat friends you have. Snap Maps essentially allows you to check out all the breaks from across the world based upon their ar on a map. Right here you can pick the human being who have the right to view your location.

This an approach works, due to the fact that with the Snapchat maps you deserve to basically see the variety of friends you have actually shared the ar with. Follow these instructions, to discover the total tally. 

Step 1: open up the Snapchat application on your phone and also click ~ above the Map at the bottom appropriate corner
Step 2: top top the maps, go to the settings icon.
Step 3: In the settings menu, pick “Only this Friends” under the “Who can See mine Location” tab
Step 4: A list of all her friends on Snapchat will appear in alphabetical order. Step 5: click on the “Select All” checkbox and select “Save”
Step 6: now go on her Snapchat maps and click on her bitmoji iconStep 7: right here your profile will certainly appear. Under the Snap Map view, you’ll discover a line saying “Sharing ar to x friends”. The number appearing in the heat is how plenty of friends you have actually on Snapchat.

This procedure is really straightforward and also will that s right tell her friends count. If girlfriend are in search of a various way, store reading. 

How to view how many friends you have on Snapchat (From mine Friends)

You deserve to use the “My Friends” ar on Snapchat to discover the number of friends you have. Here’s how it's done.

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Step 1: open up the Snapchat app on her phoneStep 2: log in in to her account and also tap on your profileStep 3: Scroll under to find the “Friends” sectionStep 4: Here, tap ~ above the “My Friends”, this will screen all her Snapchat friend in a list

Now comes the tedious bit, Snapchat doesn't directly show the number of accounts in her friends’ list. Therefore, the only way to find out the number is by counting all the friends on the list. 

If counting is too lot of a hassle for you then keep analysis to find another way.

Posting a Story to uncover the variety of Snapchat friends

This method is not the most accurate but will certainly give an approximate number for how plenty of friends you have actually on Snapchat. 

Firstly, post a story on your Snapchat. Make certain to only make this story visible to her friends. After you have actually posted the story, wait because that 24 hours and check back on the number of people who viewed your story. This number will provide you a ballpark number for how many friends you have on Snapchat. 

If prior to finding the number, you great to add a couple of friends to her friends’ list, we have actually outlined 3 different ways girlfriend can find someone on Snapchat.