The sidechaining procedure has become a popular and essential tool for countless professional mix engineers, however how deserve to we apply the technique in Logic agree X? this is a sideways look…


From French-style EDM compression, v to de-essing and also chopped-up synth pads, yes a selection of an imaginative signal-processing approaches powered by sidechaining. However, while many of us have actually heard around the concept, things deserve to get confused when it concerns implementing that in your DAW. In the case of Logic pro X, you’ll find a big number of plug-ins that support sidechaining, but what have the right to you intend to achieve and exactly how do you configure and route signal in your mix to make ideal use that sidechaining? 

In this workshop, we take a look at both the practicalities of setup up a sidechain in Logic agree X, and exploring several of the key techniques and approaches supplied in music production.

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Sidechaining as a method that originates native the job of dedicated studio hardware, whereby a an equipment would have actually multiple input (more on this in a bit) and also engineers had complete flexibility in respect to just how they routed a signal around the studio. 

Now that we understand these principles, let’s look at how it’s imposed in Logic. The very first thing to note are the details plug-ins that support sidechaining, most notably the Compressor plugin, but likewise Noise Gate, Auto Filter and the EVOC 20 TrackOscillator. Walking a phase further, there’s also a selection of software tools – consisting of the ES2, Sculpture and the EVOC 20 PolySynth – that likewise feature the provision of sidechain inputs. If the instrument or plug-in functions sidechaining, you’ll find a drop-down food selection in the top-right corner of the user interface that allows you choose a different input (either one audio track, tool or buss) as the sidechain source.

Taking sides

In the instance of the abovementioned French-style compression, we’d either have actually a compressor patched throughout a pad sound or, if we’re processing a relationship of the whole mix, a compressor patched across and aux channel being used as a submixer (this can be done utilizing a track Stack, because that example). On the compressor plug-in, we’d then pick the kick drum together a sidechain source, and assuming both elements are playing (kick and also pad), we’d attain the distinctive pump effect.

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When it pertains to other plug-ins – such together the Noise Gate, AutoFilter and also the ES2 tool – it’s important to comprehend exactly how the sidechain facilities are integrated. V both the Noise Gate and also AutoFilter plug-ins, this works in nearby conjunction through a Threshold control. The Gate, because that example, is opened and also closed in relation to the sidechain hitting a given threshold, vice versa, the AutoFilter provides the threshold to cause a pre-programmed ADSR envelope setting. Establishing the sidechain routing is therefore just the beginning, as you must be clear on exactly how to tweak the plug-in or tool to hear the effect in action.