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One that my greatest beefs with any type of Android machine is the lag – the annoying slowness or jerkiness that you notification either indigenous the obtain go, or together you keep using your device. The worst component is, no Android machine seems to be totally free of this plague, even the likes the flagships favor HTC One and also Samsung Galaxy S4. The following pair of fast tweaks should aid to rate up your device.

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Before we go into what you actually should do, let’s recognize what lag is. There deserve to be two species of lag, one being what you challenge when launching an app, because that instance, where the device seems to take it a pair of seconds prior to it actually executes your command. Together lag usually originates from an underpowered processor or inadequate RAM, and the OS is compelled to unload and reload a range of data right into RAM prior to it can compile and run the application. The second, and arguably an ext frustrating, lag is when the in its entirety interface feeling sluggish, i m sorry is not necessarily Android’s fault.


You see, v Android’s job Butter, Google in reality did a many work to solve the OS lag. However, for a device like Galaxy S4, which runs the greatly modified Android under TouchWiz, Samsung’s attempts come “beautify” the interface deserve to sometimes get in your way. Every those pretty animations the you observe all the moment whilst using your Galaxy S4 have a set delay time of your own, and they reside in the memory at the exact same time – both detriments to as whole snappiness and also performance. Hence, reduce (if no disabling) them is going come help.

Step 1: allow developer choices on her Galaxy S4 if friend haven’t already. To perform so, go to settings > about and tap the develop number a few times until you acquire a toast an alert that Developer options have to be unlocked.

Step 2: In Developer options, scroll under to locate window animation range and shift animation scale.

Step 3: insanity to change the values, and adjust both that them come 0.5x (minimum) or better, lower.

That’s the – the animations are absolutely punchier now, and you’ll notice an all at once performance upgrade.

Apart from increasing the transitions, you deserve to also enable ‘Force GPU rendering’ to make things even more snappier. But, the comes v a little price: battery life. However overall, it will save things ticking nicely and will do your an equipment a breeze come use.

In all fairness, this isn’t as much a tweak or fix as a simple logic solution, but one that you’ll certainly find useful. You may likewise want to eliminate the unlocking effect and also touch sounds because that not simply a punchier experience, but also far better battery life.

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