Can anyone phone call me or attach me a object of the stamina break combos mostly saiyans and frieza. Thanks.

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Saiyans, H, L, H, and Light stamina break

H, climate Light stamina break

L, L, L and heavy.

Most characters can perform H and also then a light stamina break.

Knockback (ps4 triangle+circle, adhered to by jump+left or right) right into StaminaBreak. Exercise cuz the timing will feel strange in ~ first

Works because that every character.

U deserve to use meteor strike together well, just input her stamnina rest after you show up behind her opponent

Generally speaking, most STM rest combos room something akin to 5x Light attacks (Square on PS4, (X) top top XB1, (Y) ~ above Switch) provide or take a couple of hits.

It's vital to note that hefty STM breaks (the ones the knock the adversary downwards and also puts castle in a exhausted state) space a little slower than the normal, irradiate STM breaks. The combos are the same, but since Heavy STM breaks are a little bit slower, lock aren't always consistent unless you're behind her opponent.

Male Saiyans deserve to STM rest after 4-5x Light attacks (not 6, that's male Earthlings) or 2x hefty attacks. Remember that Dashing-Light attacks are, combo-wise, essentially the exact same as a Heavy assault (Dashing-Heavy assaults are short-knockback attacks), so together a masculine Saiyan, dashing into your opponent and doing a L->H right into STM rest will job-related as well.

Many people shot to usage an Unvanishable H->L->H STM break, yet it's really inconsistent, and also unvanishables space super cheesy anyway. That also means the full H-L-H-L-H combo, which because that some reason leaves the opponent in an extensive stagger state, can additionally be associated into both a irradiate or hefty STM break. You re welcome don't perform this. It's supervisor scummy.

As because that Frieza Races, I have some poor news. Frieza gyeongju don't have a single consistent STM break combo. The closest thing they have actually is 3x heavy (or Dashing-Light -> 2x Heavy), but even that is EXTREMELY inconsistent, just really working if attacking the enemy from behind (and also then they have the right to sometimes quick-step way, specifically from a hefty STM break). The just other option being the "Universal STM rest combo", that being a knockback assault (Heavy+Ki blast) into a Straight-Chase (Jump button) -> Light assault -> STM break or Back-Chase (Left or appropriate + jump button) -> STM break.

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The "Universal STM rest combo" can be inconsistent online, so because that Frieza race characters, it's precious considering making use of some type of stunning ability such together Feint Crash (my personal favorite), Thunder Eraser (Super 17 skill) or the infamous Aura slide stab. This skills, and also a few others, will stagger the enemy long sufficient to land either a light or heavy STM rest without relocating the enemy too far away (though through Thunder Eraser you will sometimes move past the foe forcing friend to conveniently turn roughly in order to land the STM break).