Can anyone tell me or connect me a threview of the toughness break combos greatly saiyans and frieza. Thanks.

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Saiyans, H, L, H, and Light stamina break

H, then Light stamina break

L, L, L and also hefty.

Many personalities have the right to execute H and also then a light toughness break.

Knockback (ps4 triangle+circle, followed by jump+left or right) right into StaminaBreak. Practice cuz the timing will feel stvariety at first

Works for eincredibly character.

U have the right to use meteor strike too, just input your stamnina break after you appear behind your opponent

Generally speaking, most STM break combos are somepoint akin to 5x Light strikes (Square on PS4, (X) on XB1, (Y) on Switch) offer or take a couple of hits.

It's necessary to note that Heavy STM breaks (the ones that knock the opponent downwards and also puts them in a tired state) are a little slower than the normal, Light STM breaks. The combos are the same, but because Heavy STM breaks are a little bit slower, they aren't constantly continuous unmuch less you're behind your foe.

Male Saiyans can STM break after 4-5x Light attacks (not 6, that's Male Earthlings) or 2x Heavy attacks. Remember that Dashing-Light strikes are, combo-wise, fundamentally the same as a Heavy strike (Dashing-Heavy assaults are short-knockback attacks), so as a Male Saiyan, dashing into your adversary and doing a L->H into STM break will work too.

Many people attempt to use an Unvanishable H->L->H STM break, but it's VERY inconstant, and unvanishables are super cheesy anymeans. That also indicates the full H-L-H-L-H combo, which for some reason leaves the enemy in a prolonged stagger state, have the right to also be linked into both a Light or Heavy STM break. Please don't do this. It's super scummy.

As for Frieza Races, I have actually some bad news. Frieza Races don't have actually a single consistent STM break combo. The closest point they have actually is 3x Heavy (or Dashing-Light -> 2x Heavy), but also that is EXTREMELY incontinuous, only really functioning if attacking the foe from behind (and also then they have the right to sometimes quick-step way, especially from a Heavy STM break). The only other choice being the "Universal STM break combo", that being a knockago attack (Heavy+Ki blast) right into a Straight-Chase (Jump button) -> Light strike -> STM break or Back-Chase (Left or Right + Jump button) -> STM break.

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The "Universal STM break combo" have the right to be inconstant online, so for Frieza Race personalities, it's worth considering using some sort of stunning skill such as Feint Crash (my individual favorite), Thunder Eraser (Super 17 skill) or the inrenowned Aura Slide stab. These abilities, as well as a few others, will stagger the opponent lengthy enough to land either a Light or Heavy STM break without moving the enemy too far ameans (though through Thunder Eraser you will periodically move previous the opponent forcing you to quickly turn around in order to land the STM break).