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Michael Crider is a veteran modern technology journalist through a decade of experience. The spent 5 years composing for Android Police and also his work-related has appeared on Digital Trends and also Lifehacker. He’s covered industry occasions like the consumer Electronics present (CES) and Mobile people Congress in person. Read more...

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If you’ve spent any type of time at every on the Internet, odds are pretty decent that you’ve encountered Reddit, the link-sharing society network and discussion platform. And if you’ve spent any kind of time at all on Reddit, odds are around 100% that you’ve encountered jerks. No that Reddit is naturally jerky, psychic you—it’s just that there are countless users posting links and comments daily. Uneven you’re especially limiting your viewing come the /r/Aww subreddit, you’re mathematically certain to conference a specific level the dickish behavior.

You have the right to block abusive or annoying Reddit users, yet that’s cumbersome and can result in missed conversations. You can report them come the moderators—the town sheriffs the Reddit’s divided community system—but that’s no guarantee they’ll in reality be handle with, since moderators have the right to be (and regularly are) totally useless. If you’d choose to store all the write-ups on Reddit clearly shows while quiet making it clean which customers you should overlook (or, possibly, pay more attention to), a third-party web browser extension has you covered.

There room a few different means to attain this, yet the best I’ve found is one extension called the Reddit magnified Suite. That has features for days, only one of which we’ll cover here, yet it’s also constantly updated and also is accessible for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and also even Microsoft’s Edge. So, you’re extended no matter what girlfriend use. (Unless you usage Safari. Sorry, apologize fans.) Click the equivalent link above to download the expansion for your certain browser.

Now head come reddit.com and also click the gear icon in the top-right corner to open up the Reddit enhancement Suite (RES) settings page.


Click “Users” ~ above the left side, and also then revolve on the “User Tagger” option. Make certain to rotate on the “Show Tagging Icon” option, together well. The other options on the display are fairly self-explanatory, yet one you’ll desire to pay fist to is the “Hard Ignore” option. This is type of a soft block; that hides all short articles from users you “ignore,” including replies to those posts. The difference in between this option and Reddit’s block attribute is that it only applies to the web browser on i m sorry you’ve mounted RES.


Click the “save options” switch in the upper-right corner. Now, head to her favorite subreddit. Mine is /r/mechanicalkeyboards, and also it’s normally a nice chill place. And also hey, there’s a article from my jerk boss! I’ll tag him through my shiny new Reddit extension, and also he’ll be none the wiser. 


Click on the comments section of any type of post. In every comment next to the Reddit user’s name, you’ll view a tiny tag icon. (It may look a small different based upon the subreddit theme.) Click the sign icon, and also you can include a custom tag to the user, finish with a tradition background color. Click “save tag,” and also that sign is added to the user’s name wherever that or she posts, all across the site.

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Note the these sign are just visible in browsers whereby you have actually RES installed. There’s no mobile component at the moment, yet you deserve to go back to the RES setups menu and click “Backup and Restore” to import the settings into one more browser or computer. It’s likewise integrated v cloud storage services prefer Dropbox and Google Drive with automatic backups and syncing, therefore you deserve to keep your tags consistent throughout multiple machines.

Michael CriderMichael Crider is a veteran modern technology journalist with a decade of experience. He spent five years writing for Android Police and his work-related has showed up on Digital Trends and also Lifehacker. He’s spanned industry occasions like the consumer Electronics show (CES) and Mobile human being Congress in person. Read full Bio »
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