Capture ScreenshotsCLICK THE IMAGE below TO see THIS object IN THE SIMULATOR.
To catch a screenshot, press and hold the Home an essential and the Power/Lock an essential simultaneously till a white border flashes around the edges of the screen. The screenshot will certainly be duplicated to the clipboard and also saved to the screenshots folder in the Gallery.

View your Screenshots

To see a screenshot instantly after you capture it:1. Open up the an alert Panel through swiping native the peak of the display to the bottom.2. Touch Screenshot captured.Note: To see your screenshots at any time, indigenous the residence screen, touch Apps > Gallery > Screenshots.3. Touch the wanted screenshot.4. When viewing the screenshot, the complying with icons are accessible at the optimal of the screen:• Share via: re-publishing the screenshot using among the accessible options. Sharing options vary based upon applications installed and features turned on.• Edit: modify the screenshot.• Delete: Delete the screenshot.5. Touch More options
for the complying with options:• More info: View much more information around the screenshot.• Copy to clipboard: Copy the screenshot come the device clipboard for pasting into other applications.• Crop: chop unwanted locations out that the screenshot.• Rename: Rename the screenshot.• Slideshow: start a slideshow of the screenshot in the folder.• Set as: collection the photo as a call photo, Home and lock screens wallpaper, house screen, or Lock screen.• Print: publish the screenshot come an obtainable printer via a wireless network, Wi-Fi Direct®, or a USB cable.• Settings: View and edit gallery settings. Pick Sync just via Wi-Fi for pictures and videos. Revolve on tag buddy or confront tag.You have the right to delete, edit, and share screenshot from the an alert Panel.

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Through two finger slightly separated, touch Screenshot captured and swipe down to expand and display every options.