This quick guide will explain how to take a screenshot ~ above Google’s Nexus 5X and also Nexus 6P smartphones. Now that both phones have been obtainable for much more than a couple of months, we’re acquiring a the majority of questions from brand-new owners. We constantly get asked just how to take a screenshot, so below we’ll explain how to execute this basic little trick.

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Back at the end of September of critical year Google announced both phones, which were climate released in beforehand November to a many excited users. One extremely simple feature that everyone should recognize about, is exactly how to take it a screenshot.

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Sometimes the easiest means to re-superstructure a funny picture, save a text message, or display someone other on your phone is to take it a screenshot, or capture what is being shown on the display, and also send the in a text or email. It’s incredibly useful, and very easy to do when you recognize how. It’s been the exact same on many Android devices for years, but new Nexus owner or first-time Android buyers will require to understand how.


With every brand-new Android smartphone this question comes up, but it’s the same process for practically every maker that isn’t do by Samsung. If you’ve owned other Android devices, you already know how. However, the stunning Nexus 6P has plenty of iPhone and Samsung users trying Google’s Nexus, therefore they’ll require to understand how. Listed below are the few simple actions you’ll have to take in order come capture and save a screenshot.

For those confused. A screenshot (or screengrab) is our smartphones capturing and also saving what’s on the screen. Which have the right to then it is in edited, saved, shared and also more. This is a really handy function everyone need to know.


It’s actually fairly simple, and just like most Android phones it’s the exact same easy action on the Nexus 5X and also the Nexus 6P. Simply tap a few buttons.

All owners must do is push and also hold both the power button and also the volume down vital at the exact same time. Press both at precisely the same time, organize for a moment, and also let go. This deserve to be tough due to the fact that they’re both on the same side, but it’s simple after you grasp the timing. Owners will hear a camera shutter-type sound and see a visual screen record animation. Then you’ll watch the phone save the screenshot, which can be accessed indigenous the notice tray.


With both the power and volume buttons being on the exact same side you’ll likely need 2 hands to do this task. That, or just use one hand and turn the phone sideways to acquire a great angle to easily long-press both buttons. Sometimes it take away a few tries come perfect the timing for beginners, yet it’s yes, really easy. Once users figure it out, it comes natural. Those through a case on the Nexus 6P may have actually trouble and see the volume change rather 보다 a screenshot, since the buttons space too close. Try pushing as far to the bottom the the volume under as possible, therefore your situation doesn’t by chance hit an additional button.

From here you’ll check out the screen capture has to be saved. That is now accessible in the an alert pulldown bar come view, share, or also edit, and you can also head right into Google photos to discover it for much more sharing options, or to do changes, edit, or re-publishing to society sites or in a message.

If you try and it no work, try again. That all around hitting the power and volume down buttons in ~ the exact same time with a brief pause, then letting go. Timing is everything.

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That’s it, you’re all done. It’s that easy. This same method works on almost all Android smartphones and also tablets the aren’t do by Samsung. Devices with a home switch usually use Power+Home rather of volume down. Offer it a shot and begin sharing those funny mim or Facebook articles with friends or family.

The Nexus 5X and also Nexus 6P are stock Android devices with hardly any apps the end of the box, for this reason users may need to download some photo editing and enhancing apps (detailed in the attach above) to edit and also get the many of their new screenshots. Enjoy.

While you’re here, inspect out some main Nexus accessories and cases below. Sold straight from and by Google.

Google doesn"t have the best track record as soon as it come to situations or accessories, however they"re working tough to adjust that through the Nexus 5X and also Nexus 6P. Lots of instances are accessible now, or will be coming soon.

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The Nexus 6P Folio instance comes in a beautiful refined leather style in brown or black color options. This is one of the couple of that is noted as coming soon, and arguable among the best. It features cutouts because that the front speakers, fingerprint scanner, all the ports, and also has a magnet on the flip the end cover to instantly wake the screen. It"s an elegant case, however will it is in expensive.