We’ve every been there; enduring that sinking feeling as you realize you locked the secrets inside her truck, or once your F150 has a dead battery. Either way, you need to open her locked F150 but have a thick pane of glass separating girlfriend from your keys.

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How to unlock her F150 without the key?

There space a variety of approaches to unlock a Ford F150 if miscellaneous happened to your key. Most require the usage of tools-and some re an easy household items. Rather are much more advanced and are provided by locksmiths.So luckily, friend won’t have to be shattering any windows to gain inside or need to go through the problem of wait for and paying a locksmith just to finish a basic job. Or probably you are the locksmith, in which situation read on since these strategies apply to you, too.I’ve explained the various methods you can use to number out how to open up a locked f150 in step-by-step information below. Let’s dive appropriate in, but first what will certainly you need?What you could need:Auto Jiggler tool – see on AmazonSteck large Easy tool – view on AmazonUniversal Lock out tool – watch on Amazon

Unlocking an F150 through cheap tools and also methods

As I formerly mentioned, there room a ton of different miscellaneous tools to aid you acquire into your locked F150. Several of the approaches require some foresight planning as the tools room not commonly just laying around, therefore it’s as much as you to decision what to try out.

1. The Auto Jiggler method

I very recommend this method because that its simple procedure and family member ease. Auto Jigglers (view top top Amazon)are just key-shaped gadgets commonly used by locksmiths. Their method is basically spelled out in the title, yet I’ll rest it down:First you have to purchase a jiggler an essential the size of your normal one for this reason it deserve to fit within the F150 keyhole.As the surname suggests, wiggle and also jiggle the key inside the keyhole until you hear a click!There you have it- open the door v the handle and you’re already inside.

2. The wire Hanger method

A device as old as time and one that the much more popular means you have the right to unlock one F150 without the key. Wire hangers work as good tools because that this technique but what functions even far better is this awesome tool on Amazon.This unlocking technique is more complex than the previous one i listed, so let’s get right into it:If utilizing a apparel hanger, straighten out the wire fully until that is a long rod, leave the curved component as-is at the really end.Slightly peel open the weather stripping with your finger. The weather stripping is the black rubber seal approximately the F150 window. Slip in the wire in between the window and stripping, one of two people from the height or bottom of the window, stop the right end and also inserting the curvy component first. The an approach varies depending upon where you’ve placed the wire. Let’s start with the top part of the home window first: You’ve inserted the cable in the interior of her F150 and can watch it through the window. Currently you must latch the curved finish onto the lock move on the next of the doorOnce you have actually a good grip top top the switch, traction up to get it unlocked.If the over steps room not functioning out, girlfriend can likewise push the cable onto the unlock switch on the side of the door. The wire might not be solid enough, however it is feasible and precious a shot. If you’ve put in the wire from the bottom the the window, i recommend the passenger door instead since there are fewer cables than the driver’s:The cable is in the within of the door and you can’t watch it. Feel approximately for a pen to disengage the lock.Once you’ve grasped it v the curved end of the wire, pull towards the direction of the earlier of the F150.Once unlocked, immediately open the F150 door and retrieve your keys. You’ve excellent it! If you’re more of a intuitive learner, inspect out the video clip below which gives you a much better idea on just how to open a locked f150 door there is no a key.

3. The Slim Jim Method

No, I’m no talking about the braided snack and I nothing recommend you shot using that together it won’t gain you really far. The Slim Jim i’m referring to is this unlocking tool on Amazon – designed come unlock F150 doors in super quick time.Its strategy is fairly similar come the wire technique and have the right to be excellent from the earlier or former of her F150. You need to be mindful with this strategy together you can potentially deploy the side-impact airbags ~ above a later model, and that will finish up costing you a lot much more than a locksmith would have actually charged.Let’s begin with the sliding back home window as it’s less likely to reason damage:Approach the back window of the truck.Peel open the black color rubber weather stripping neighboring the window with your finger.Insert the Slim Jim with the bent part an initial through the sliding home window panels.Push the Slim Jim under gently, pulling it towards you.You will know when the lock has actually disengaged as soon as it mister up.Now open the window and rise through, being careful not to fall over.If you can not fit within the window, probably it’s finest to try the passenger door. As I stated before, the passenger door has less wires inside and also will be simpler to use:Pry open up the weather stripping utilizing your finger. If possible, insert a piece of cardboard or something similar to store it open up so it will certainly be easier for girlfriend to move the device around.Stick the Slim Jim in between the stripping and glass from the bottom component of the window, putting the curved piece first.Keeping the Slim Jim upright to avoid catching onto other wires, feel around for the lock’s control arm.You will recognize when you’ve latched on because the lock move will start to toggle. Traction upwards slowly until the door unlocks.Unhook the Slim Jim from the wire and also carefully eliminate it from the door. The procedure is fairly challenging and may take number of attempts, for this reason don’t get discouraged if the doesn’t job-related right away.

4. The string Method

Now we’re obtaining really crafty. No joke, this actually works – every you need to bring along is a string and also some patience. Friend will require a sturdy and also skinny cable at the very least 36 customs long. A few examples of the best string the is both effective and also easy to discover are:ShoelacesTwineCoat drawstringsSweatpants drawstringsOnce you’ve situated one of these strings or other similar, you’re all set to really obtain things started:Make a slipknot. If you know how, skip ahead to action two. Otherwise review on:Loop the string about your pointer and also middle fingers, walk from optimal to bottom.Circle the bottom item of wire you room holding around the top piece.Using the index or center finger stop the loop, grab onto the piece you just looped and also pull it through the hole.Loosen the string by pulling the bottom next of the loop or tighten by pulling the height side previous the knot.You can likewise learn exactly how to do a slipknot with this quick and also easy video.Tighten her slipknot till it is a tiny circle in the center of your string.Insert the knot into the height right edge of the driver door.Hold the string from both ends and move it back and forth to gain it further into the door, comparable to the activity you make when you floss her teeth.Once she far enough inside, pull the wire forcefully in the direction of you to create a room in the peak op the door and also stick a cardboard or rubber wedge to hold it open. This step isn’t totally necessary yet makes the much easier to function.Place the slipknot approximately the lock switch and also tighten for a far better grip. Make sure not to loosen your organize or you will have to repeat this step.Pull approximately unlock the door. Be mindful if you supplied something heavy to store the door wedged open as I listed in action five, due to the fact that it will loss out. That’s all there is come it! that a simple and reasonably easy process, and also probably the most convenient if you nothing have any kind of tools laying around.

5. The Paperclip Method

I call this the paperclip method, but a bobby pin will gain the project done as well if girlfriend still want to know exactly how to unlock f150 v dead battery. Uneven the previous couple of strategies, this doesn’t require any kind of weird top to force the door open. Let’s acquire started:Grab two paperclips- one will be your anxiety wrench and also the various other will be her pick. Make certain they are huge enough to be able to hold together you insert them into the lock.Using pliers or your hands, open one next of the first paperclip to develop an L-shape. One side must still be folded in half and the other have to be longer and also straight. This will certainly be your stress and anxiety wrench.Stick the folded finish into the bottom of the keyhole, likewise known as the shear line.Applying sufficient pressure to pick the lock yet not too lot to bend your paperclip out of shape, rotate in the direction that the lock turns. If she not certain what that is, just guess- you have actually a 50/50 opportunity of acquiring it right and if you don’t, simply try the other means the next time.Unfold the other paperclip. This will certainly be your rake.Insert the rake through the loop finish into the top component of the keyhole and also pull that out quickly while jiggling that upwards. Continue repeating this action. Meanwhile, keep using pressure come the anxiety wrench.While doing action six, usage the rake come feel roughly for pins. You need to depress around five pins by pushing lightly. You will hear or feeling a click because that each pen you depress. Proficient pickers can attain this in one motion, however if you a novice don’t be discouraged if that takes a couple of tries.Keep turning the tension and also wrench and moving the pickup and down. Girlfriend will understand when you’ve hit all the pins since the door will unlock.To visualize the technique, watch this rapid tutorial.This technique is basically simulating the motion of a key. Using a jiggler crucial as I explained previously is much more effortless, however we’re not always prepared for disaster, so keep this alternate handy.

6. The window Method

This trick just works on older models that locked Ford F150s. If your home windows aren’t every the means up, you have the right to actually slide them down! here’s how:Place your whole hand on the window.Rock earlier and soon while pushing down gently.When the opened is huge enough, pole your eight in come unlock the door.

Will these unlocking methods damage your F150?

After soaking in all this information, you’re probably wondering just how your lovely truck will be influenced by the process. Not every one of the approaches are damage-inducing, but unfortunately part may cause some problems.As you deserve to imagine, peeling open up the weather stripping as I mentioned in the Slim Jim and wire hanger methods can’t be healthy and balanced for the vehicle. Particularly if you supplied a wedge to organize it open, the weather stripping could potentially remain stretched out and unattached.In the worst-case scenario, the will ultimately fall off and also you’ll need to purchase and also reapply a brand-new one, unless you nothing mind air leaks.The Slim Jim and wire hanger methods likewise require keeping the door ajar, as could the wire method. The wedge, wire, Slim Jim, or everything else may have rubbed forcefully against the side of the truck during the procedure might potentially scratch the repaint off. Continuing on-topic v the Slim Jim and wire hanger methods, if you usage the tools on the bottom interior side the the door, you might latch top top the wrong piece and also cause undesirable damage.Alternatively, the auto jiggler and also paperclip techniques only require use the the keyhole and will not cause interior or exterior damages to her vehicle.You’ll need to use your better judgement to decide whether these techniques are worth the time and also effort. Periodically the cost of a locksmith is much less than the hassle that these techniques require.

Are this F150 unlocking approaches legal?

Breaking right into your very own F150 is not illegal. The being said, just due to the fact that you recognize you room doesn’t mean everyone rather is aware. You should always keep your registration ~ above hand in the rare case that you accused of anything suspicious. Either way, it’s best to have your it is registered in the car for other emergency instances as well.Can you use these techniques on a car that’s not a Ford F150? Absolutely. Have to you use them on various other people’s cars? absolutely not.

How to stop yourself obtaining locked out

Now the you’ve skilled the agony the comes v being locked out of your F150, you most likely never desire to experience that way again. How can you protect against this nightmare?

1. Keyless entry

Newer F150 models will have numbered buttons on the driver door. Collection them up v a number succession that’s easy to remember and also you’ll never need to worry about your secrets again! her driver’s hands-on should define the instructions because that the programming process.If you can’t discover the manual and don’t psychic the manufacturing facility settings, nothing worry. You can discover the number by adhering to these steps:At the bottom right finish of the passenger side by the floor is a panel. Locate and also remove the panel.You will view a white sticker behind some red wires. The numbers on the sticker are the pre-programmed vital to your driver door.This quick tutorial explains exactly how to locate the manufacturing facility numbers.

2. Preventive keys

Naturally, maintaining extra tricks laying about will assist when among them is inaccessible. It’s much more effective if you’re locked the end of her F150 in your driveway or she close come home and also someone can bring over a backup.Otherwise, you might store one in a magnetic lock box linked to your automobile (if you’re no worried around thieves) or store an extra vital in your pocket if you’re up because that the challenge.Making a rapid visit come your neighborhood locksmith come copy your keys is easy and also inexpensive, and I introduce you take the extra effort.

3. Have actually a system

If you always remember to store your keys in your pocket or purse, you’ll never have a mishap. Ns know, this is obviously less complicated said than done, but training the mind come be more aware have the right to really help you avoid accidents.

4. Use a retractable leash

If nobody of the over recommendations will reduced it because that you, shot attaching your keys to a retractable leash the is additionally attached to your clothing. Then try leaving castle in the ignition as you walk away. No a chance! Your keys will literally be attached come the hip.

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5. Remote unlocking

If this instance has occurred to girlfriend time and time again and you simply know these alternatives are no going come work, take into consideration subscribing come a remote unlocking firm like OnStar. If you contact for help, they will unlock your vehicle on the spot.


So, there you have actually it. Some tried and trusted approaches you can use if you desire to know how to open up a locked Ford truck as soon as you don’t have actually the key or once the battery is dead. You might additionally like these other tutorials recently published through Ford F150 hacks:How to make her F150’s shocks last longerHow girlfriend can flat tow a Ford F150 pickupFord F150 water steering tips