Facebook recently released its native house launcher app for some deluxe Android phones. Despite being among the most disputed apps, Facebook home did not obtain a nice reception and great review. If you are a FB fan-boy, you can adore that application but for most users, it’s an application they don’t choose to have over the height of everything.

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As for on facebook for Android, the is a must-have application that keeps girlfriend updated through the views and also status of her friends you treatment about. The app has a contacts sync feature and also if you enable it to sync, the fetches all facebook contacts to your Android device’s phonebook. If you have installed even Twitter client for Android, her phone can likewise import contact from there.

If you have actually thousands of friends or pendant on Facebook and Twitter and also a huge circle on Google Plus, you have the right to sync every those contacts through their letter ID and also phone number to your phone’s contacts. The feature is indeed very nice and also having much more and an ext people’s contact on our handheld machine is really great. Yet this can also be a difficulty for numerous users. In many cases, ours Facebook/ Twitter/ Google+ friends are those whom we perform not understand personally, or at the very least they space such civilization with whom we share images and also opinions yet not have to our personal things by calling them.

Thousands of name in our phone’s resolve book might prove a nuisance every time you have to choose a contact to call. You deserve to use the alphabet indexer to make scrolling a tiny easier yet it have the right to still feeling bad. Personally, I prefer my phone to show only the contacts with phone numbers.

Remove on facebook Contacts from Android

If you check out your facebook or Twitter contacts on your phone’s attend to book and want to eliminate them, you have the right to do this through disabling the sync attribute on her Android device. Below is how:

Open her device Settings, scroll under to Facebook and also tap top top it. Top top the next screen, friend will view the email ID you usage to authorize in your on facebook account. Tap top top it and uncheck “Sync Contacts”.


You can likewise do it from inside the Facebook application on our phone itself. Open the app and launch the facebook app’s choices menu. Right here you will watch Settings, now tap it. Simply scroll down and also you’ll uncover an choice called “Sync Contacts”. Madness it, inspect “Don’t sync” option and also select “Done”.


Next, open the Contacts app on her phone and also tap top top the menu button. Right here you’ll see an option called “Contacts to Display”. simply unmark the facebook account and also this will remove, not delete, all facebook contacts from your device.

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