Here is other you can do, you shouldn"t execute it, but I have had to execute it a couple of times. 


Go to a huge retailer like newegg or amazon (probably amazon, castle have better returns) and buy the cheapest skylake CPU you have the right to get. Something choose a celeron. Once you acquire the CPU, download it right into your board, update your bios, climate return the skylake CPU. 


I am no saying you must do this since you effectively obtained hardware native a retailer at no cost to you. However it is still an option.

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Not everyone live in a place where they can return stuff easily. You need to account for restocking fee and also shipping fee too and also just installation a CPU to upgrade BIOS is tedious because that beginners


BIOS - an easy Input calculation System


Features to look out if you want to usage a Skylake motherboard top top a Kaby Lake processor

Skylake motherboard chipset:

(if you see this in her motherboard it way it is a Skylake board and was originally designed to occupational with Skylake processors)

Z170 (allows overclocking), 4 DIMM slots, SATA RAIDQ170, 4 DIMM slots, SATA RAIDH170, 4 DIMM slots, SATA RAIDB150, 4 DIMM slotsH110, 2 DIMM slots

DIMM slots refer to how numerous sticks of ram the chipset deserve to support. 


Kaby Lake processors:

(here are list of Kaby Lake processors, desktop computer only)

K in ~ the end - permits overclocking

T at the finish - lower powered (low TDP), basically consumes less power in ~ a tiny decrease in performance

E at the finish - embedded processor, usually way they room stuck into the motherboard


Intel core i7 (4 cores 8 threads)


Intel main point i5 (4 cores 4 threads)


Intel main point i3 (2 cores 4 threads)


Pentium (2 cores 4 threads)


Celeron (2 cores 2 threads)



Great, now if you can confirm you have actually one that the item over (or to plan to obtain one) then you need to know that

Skylake motherboard won"t job-related without a motherboard BIOS upgrade to assistance Kaby Lake CPU. 


Now to update motherboard you should gain accessibility to BIOS that the motherboard. 

Most of the board will certainly not allow you to carry out that without the corresponding CPU even if Kaby Lake has the same socket together Skylake.


Then what to do? Fortunately some motherboards enable users to update BIOS there is no needing a CPU in ~ all. Each of them are named differently so below is a perform of it.

(just look because that these features when buying motherboard)

Gigabyte: Q-Flash to add (note the Plus, not consistent Q-Flash)MSI: BIOS Flashback+ 

If your motherboard go not have the function mentioned then you require to get a Skylake processor to update BIOS.

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NOTE: This only needed if your BIOS is no updated to use with Kaby Lake processor.