To avoid going the way of Pavetta, hold rapid to this nautical knowledge and brace yourself for stormy seas in The Witcher 3.

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The Witcher 3 has many areas that room inaccessible through any way other 보다 swimming or sailing. Swim can't be advised in more treacherous waters, so scan the shorelines because that an easily accessible boat and ready those sealegs.

The hazards of voyages across the Continent are naught to it is in taken lightly, lest one finds themselves ~ above a sinking ship far out in ~ sea. Come ensure a for sure passage and avoid falling prey to the multitude of terrors lurking beneath the surface, read up on this compilation of all points boating before setting sail.

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Updated august 15, 2021, by Kim Dailey: The seas stay as treacherous as ever, and the popularity of the Witcher 3 is same unwavering. V this in mind, we've update this overview to make sure your sea voyages go together smoothly as possible.

Nautical navigation - watercraft Controls In The Witcher 3


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Boats are an easy enough come board; just walk appropriate onto them. If Geralt find himself already in the water, he might swim up to the next of the boat and also heave himself aboard with the exact same controls you usage to jump.

come take regulate of the boat, proceed to the helm and also press the appropriate button as soon as prompted. Listed below are the boat controls across the miscellaneous platforms.

ActionPCX-Box/ Nintendo SwitchPS4Take HelmLeave HelmSteeringStop/ ReverseAcceleration
A,W,DLeft joystickLeft joystick
SX (X-Box), Y (Switch)Square
Left ShiftAX

for an extra speed boost, double-tap the control while speeding up -- similar to do Roach sprint.

Fast travel By boat In The Witcher 3

boats also provide another type of fast travel, aside from the usual signposts. However, as one could expect with a water-bound vessel, it deserve to only travel by water-accessible routes.

To use this nautical fast travel, open the World Map while sitting at the helm that a boat. Any kind of shore significant with an anchor is a plausible destination.