Liking one more user"s post on Tumblr publicly declares the you took pleasure in or agree with the post, or the its content resonated v you in part way. While every individual Tumblr articles display all of the individuals who have actually liked it, many Tumblr themes don"t display screen a finish list of all the posts an individual user has actually liked. If you want to watch which posts an additional user has liked ~ above Tumblr, you need to use one of several other techniques to see that information.

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Theme Layouts

Some users install themes that display the many recent posts they"ve chosen in a widget on their blogs" layouts. Depending upon the template the blog is using, this widget may screen in the blog"s footer, header or sidebar and also is publicly visible to every visitors. Typically, a user can limit how countless liked write-ups display in the widget, so the you"ll be able to view only the last couple of posts the user has liked.

Shared Likes

All Tumblr individuals can enable their major accounts come share a syndicated perform of articles they"ve liked from other users. To enable this feature, you have to log into your Tumblr account, click the gear icon in her dashboard, and then click the "Dashboard" tab. Inspect the box next to "Share posts I Like" and click the "Save" button to do your alters live. You can see the liked short articles of any Tumblr user through this feature allowed by visiting the complying with URL, instead of "username" v the user"s Tumblr username:

Viewing Individual short article Notes

You can see what customers liked any type of Tumblr short article by viewing its notes. To see the notes on a post in your dashboard, click the "Notes" link to display a scrolling pop-up box listing all the users who liked, responded to or reblogged the post. Tumblr denotes customers who chosen a write-up by listing "liked this" alongside the your usernames. Friend can additionally view who favored an individual article by click the post"s permalink in the blog and scrolling down to the notes section.

Limitations and Considerations

Because you deserve to like posts only v your main Tumblr account, the website doesn"t enable the function to re-superstructure what write-ups you"ve chosen for second blogs. You can make her liked write-ups private by visiting her blog settings, picking the "Dashboard" tab and unchecking package to re-superstructure your chosen posts. Click the "Save" switch to instantly disable the feature. If a user has actually turned off sharing liked posts, you"ll view a "Request Denied" error message page as soon as you visit the liked-posts web page for the user.

Many themes don"t function the choice to display screen the user"s favored posts. If so, and also the user hasn"t allowed sharing chosen posts, girlfriend won"t have the ability to view what short articles the user likes unless you an alert the username in the note of an individual post.

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