Goat Simulator job 1.1 introduced the ability to to walk on one"s front foot to perform a "Manual" for points.

So far I"ve been able to walk around on mine front legs just by freak accidents of button-pressing, often causing me to shed all the points i would"ve gotten from a sick combo otherwise.

How carry out I defy the organic order that goat and make my goat go on its prior legs?


You will should tap S and also W, but really quickly. Then you will need to use the same buttons to preserve balance. The easiest way is to push S making use of your index finger, then press W with your center finger and also release S again. Friend can likewise use F because that slow activity which will aid you come understand just how to finest control the goat.

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To go into manual mode, rapidly alternate between W and S. As has been mentioned, using different fingers because that the two secrets helps a lot.


Once you begin the manual, a graph will appear. Use W and S to keep the colored heat somewhere top top the graph. In ~ the top of the graph is the score you"ll acquire if you complete the manual.

To "bank" her points, jump and also land on her feet.

The "manual" obstacles require a details amount of hands-on points in the same combo. you can end up a manual and also enter an additional one, as long as the combo remains running.

Do note that you have the right to only hands-on so numerous times in a row before your combo starts come decay. You can need to carry out a jumping cheat or miscellaneous if you should break up the manuals over plenty of different attempts.

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