With 25 movies in the link universe, it's tough to lug the world's most famed fictional at sight spy come a brand-new destination. Italy has served together a backdrop in eight link films—including nearly all of Daniel Craig's tenure. London, home to the MI6 headquarters, has actually played a starring duty in practically every movie. Both destinations, naturally, do appearances in the recent flick, No Time to Die.

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but some that the film's many incredible scenes are from the less commonly featured destinations. The movie brings Bond back to Jamaica, where writer Ian Fleming an initial created the character, for just the 2nd time. (Kingston made an figure in Bond's an initial silver display outing in Dr. No in 1962.) Plus, the crew travel to Norway to movie along one of the most iconic coastal roads in the world, and managed to turn a London studio lot into a Cuban hotspot. 

For a complete look in ~ what it take it to store up with jet-setting Bond, us sat down with No Time come Die manager Cary Fukunaga come learn how a roadway trip led to one the the movie's auto chase scenes, why shortcut keeps going earlier to Italy, and also what filming places you have the right to actually visit yourself. 


The film opens up with shortcut relaxing in some exceptionally stunning areas of Italy. Why did you pick Matera—and Italy overall—as Bond’s ultimate holidays destination?

Italy is probably one the Bond's most revisited locations throughout the franchise. Even within Daniel’s tenure together Bond, going to Venice and Lake Como were huge parts that his an initial outing—and through his departure from the 00 regime in Spectre and driving turn off in the DB5 v Madeleine Swann, the felt choose the right location to go from there was Italy. Swann gift a psychologist, the idea the plays the end in the movie in a subtle way is that cost-free himself the the past. He has to let walk of the pain, the trauma, and also the hurt—whatever he was holding top top to. So component of that was letting go of Vesper Lynd, and also we feel that probably Italy can be a cool place to have actually as her final resting place. And Matera, i beg your pardon seems prefer a city of the dead, was the appropriate inspiration.

Tell us a tiny bit about bringing bond ago to Jamaica. Why did that feel necessary for this final film in Craig’s bond series?

That to be something the Barbara really wanted to do. Barbara doesn't prefer to talk around her age however she to be a one-year-old baby during the filming the Dr. No. Dr. No producer Albert R. Broccoli, who produced an ext than 15 shortcut movies.> and also given that Ian Fleming wrote the stories in Jamaica and also that the the birthplace of Bond, going back—from Doctor No to now—as a type of retirement ar for the felt fitting.

We found this small cove just external Port Antonio—we go a pair of scouting trips down there. Over there was an image I had in mine mind the what I wanted this place to look like. I'd invested some time approximately GoldenEye a couple years prior and had gained a sense of the mangroves and the waterfront there and how beautiful it can be. Ns felt like it had actually to be just the ideal mixture the remote, however still somewhat linked to civilization, and that tiny cove in certain offered that. There to be no other houses built approximately it; in reality we built that house on the coast so that's a complete set construction. There was an old swimming pool there that we rehabilitated, yet other 보다 that there to be nothing else under there. There wasn’t also a roadway to gain to it so we had to fake the soil Rover departure and the scooter arrival. We carried in a land Rover on a barge .


Speaking that something out of nothing, how did you and also your team create a replica the Cuba to movie in?

We had actually scouted Kingston—and there room some parts of Kingston that have actually a similar architectural relationship with different parts that Cuba. I particularly wanted come Santiago, Cuba, due to the fact that Santiago deals with Port Antonio almost directly. It seemed choose the whole reason that the CIA was getting to out come Bond was since they couldn’t go in, but he could, so it made sense to usage Santiago together the sister city since Port Antonio to be the jumping off point. 

We couldn't shoot in Cuba, even though i really wanted to shoot there, because production demands meant the we had to either continue to be in Jamaica or move ago to the U.K. Us actually finished up structure it on Pinewood Studios lot and also it to be a fortuitous an option because us made that decision before going come Jamaica—and in Jamaica, Daniel injured himself. So, the whole collection was built and also ready to go and then unexpectedly we can only shoot details parts that it. We finished up shooting part of it in May, and then saving the collection for about five months till the end of production as soon as we could come earlier to that again and complete the sequence. Had we been dependent on a location, i can't even imagine what it would certainly have expense us to have to go the end there again. So it was an extremely lucky that we were maybe to save it on lot. It came to be the critical shoot in the movie. Whether it’s the first place we shoot or the last ar we shoot, it has a special significance. The was likewise an amazing item of street set. Ns wish they might keep that forever.

I’m guessing the winding highway, fjords, and also forests of the movie’s automobile chase scenes weren’t developed on a studio lot. What inspired those real-life filming locations?

I had actually done a road expedition through Norway with a friend of mine about two weeks prior to I even found out the this Bond project was a possibility—it was prior to Danny Boyle reduce out—and we ended up about Molde. I witnessed the Atlantic s Road, which ended up featuring in the movie, and I witnessed these fjords where they perform a many salmon farming and also I was just taken away by the beauty. When we were trying come imagine whereby Mr. White can hide far in his multiple escape cabins, Norway seemed prefer an interesting and fun place because no one's gonna bother you up there. It's very common to have actually these small country cabins that you can escape to, whereby no one yes, really bothers you. There's a many respect because that privacy in Norway. So, come me, the made feeling with the story point. I just used my impetus of what I witnessed  to build a journey out of home, which became that chase sequence in the film. We in reality shot the over three different locations in three different countries: Norway, Scotland, and also England. We offered Norway for the Atlantic highway. We offered a loch in Scotland because that what would certainly be a fjord, and also VFX added in the elevation of the sides of the fjords therefore they looked much more like the hill sides you'd watch in Norway. And also then we were in Windsor great Park for the whole fern and also woods sequence.


The No Time to Die crew built a house on a frozen Norwegian lake and had to race against time come film before the lake"s ice cream melted. 

Christopher Raphael

What was the many exciting location to movie in? and what to be the most challenging?

It's so tough to choose one due to the fact that I yes, really did enjoy every one of them. There to be something the felt like really 1950s, old-school Hollywood-style filmmaking in Jamaica, just due to the fact that we were in this dry locale and every one of us living with each other in these homes. Ns was living in a home with Linus , the cinematographer, and also Jon Mallard, the AD, and we would have these night dinners with our camera equipment going over the arrangement for the main in this exceptional open-air home overlooking this bay, through these art deco dwellings in the background. That was a unique occasion in regards to the suffer of filmmaking.

Norway noted some really an overwhelming challenges, just based on time because we wanted to shoot in ~ this frozen lake and also the lake we made decision for logistical factors was near Oslo. Since of its height in the world, we had a home window in March to shoot it and also after the it was going to melt. In ~ the start of March, we obtained an alert the the month was going to be unseasonably warm, which intended that us didn't have actually as much time as we thought we had. We had to press up ours shoot schedule due to the fact that otherwise the home we had built on the ice was going come sink away right into the ice cream completely. Also, the was an alleged to be a cloudy, moody sequence and also it was bright blue skies and sunshine almost the whole time. Us were simply waiting because that wisps of clouds to come over to offer us the level light that us needed, for this reason there to be a lot of obstacles on the one too.

But ns think all in all, i just have so lot love because that Italy. Come shoot in Italy to be a dream, and also to be able to shoot on the scale that we shot in Italy, it was pretty amazing. Us shot in Matera, and also Gravina in Puglia, and also on that small sliver of shore that Basilicata has in between Campania and also Calabria, in Sapri. That was really beautiful.

Additional reporting by Megan Spurrell.

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