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HTC 10

by HTC

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Interface Capabilities: (Click icon or tag for recommfinished products by interface)

Quick Charge 3.0
5V Sink .1W
USB 3.1 Gen1
USB 2.0
Bluetooth v4.0
DisplayPort 1.4
10W (5V
2A) In
15W (5V
3A) In
7.5W (5V
1.5A) In
USB PD 2.0
Solution, USB
Cable Assemblies & Connectors, USB
Source, DisplayPort
Host, SDCard
Peer, WiFi
Host, Bluetooth
Source, Miracast
Sink, USB PD
Peer, NFC
Sink, Rapid Charge

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Chargers and Power Banks
Computer Display
Docking Station
Headphone & Speakers
Virtual Reality
Wearable Technology

HTC 10- HTC’s First Phone with USB Type-C

With theHTC 10, HTC has actually packed a lotof featuresinaflagship phone as its tries to come ago from disappointing sales from past models because of heavy competition. WhileHTC has shifted focus withits"bet the company"Vive digital fact headcollection strategy, smartphones are still an essential piece of HTC's business. HTC has likewise make a clean name break, acquiring rid of the previous 'One', 'M' and also 'A' nomenclatures provided by theHTC One M8,HTC One M9, andHTC One A9, and streamlined the name to just HTC 10.

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Like theLG G5, the HTC 10is one of the initially waves of Android phones bringingUSB Type-C and also Power Deliveryto even more mainstream consumers. However, unlike earlierUSB Type-C Android phones choose theLG Google Nexus 5Xand also theHuawei Google Nexus 6P, HTC chose to use Qualcomm's Fast Charge 3.0 technologyon theHTC 10. The HTC 10also supports USB Power Deliincredibly but just charges at 10 Watts (5 Volts
2 Amps).

TheHTC 10is likewise the initially Android phone with USB Type-C that supports USB 3.1 Gen (5 Gb/s) rather than USB 2.0 (480 Mb/s).

Starting with the HTC One A9, HTC quit using MHL after using it on the HTC One M9 and previous models. The HTC 10prefer theLG G5 supportsDisplayPort over USB Type-C.

The HTC 10 additionally pushes theHi-Res audio strategy being provided by Sony on its recentWalkmandigital music playersand Xperiaphones, in a means replacing a premiumaudio function thatHTC's enjoyed in the past withBeats Audio.

I purchased theHTC 10in Taiwan, which is wbelow HTC itself is based.










Opening up theHTC 10box revealed a Qualcomm Fast Charge 3.0 power adapter,Hi-Res audio earbuds, and also a USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable. Unfavor the newer LeEco phones which removed the 3.5mmaudio jack altogether in favor of USB Type-C, theHTC 10retains the 3.5 mm jack.




TheHTC 10's metal unibodyfeels really solid and also certainly evokes a premium product feel and we look forward to doing a bunch of experimentation on this product.








UsingtheUSB Power Test App from Granite River Labsvia theGranite River Labs USB Power Deliexceptionally Compliance C2 Tester, we geneprice the adhering to test resultsfor the HTC 10for a quick see of the phone's support of power.

TheUSB Power Test Appinitially negotiates a power contract emulating theSource to determinethe Power Deliextremely Sink capabilities of the HTC 10. The USB Power Test Appthen reports out the voltage and also present supportedby the phone for each ofthe Source PDO's advertised to the phone.

Sink Cap.

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Voltage (V)

Current (A)


TheUSB Power Test App from Granite River Labslikewise producesavoltage, existing trace plotwhich graphically shows thevoltage and current asked for by the HTC 10 for each advertised Source PDO throughout the power negotiation.