Even though Microsoft has actually stated plenty of times that all present Windows phone 8 handsets must be eligible for ‘future OS upgrades’, referring presumably to home windows Phone 8.1, the question if OEMs room as cursed is a concern. Particularly if HTC (or also Samsung) room still ready to assistance 8.1, expected to it is in announced in April.

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Today, HTC took to Reddit because that an AMA, or questioning Me Anything, where concerns were fielded native the audience around Android. However, a member the the audience request HTC directly if they to be “done” v Windows Phone.

The USA Product Team because that HTC were surprisingly forthright in your answer:

“To speak "done v Windows Phone" is a pretty blanket statement. I don"t think a agency such together ourselves can ever before say that allude blank. As strong partners of Microsoft, we"re working v Microsoft ~ above the Blue update on home windows Phone 8X and will continue to take new products right into consideration. Nothing concrete appropriate now, however who knows!”

Of course over there is no word around the forgotten – and less famous – HTC 8S, though individuals of the HTC 8X can take solace in understanding that HTC to plan on happen ‘Blue’ – AKA home windows Phone 8.1 – come users later this year.


The HTC 8X to be heralded together the ‘premier’ home windows Phone 8 device, only to be overshadowed through Nokia and their Lumia 920. By the time Windows phone 8.1 starts to hit hardware v updates, the 8X will be a year and fifty percent old. The shouldn’t influence the OS in ~ all as 8.1 is optimized come run even on the Lumia 520.

HTC has actually been an extremely quiet on the home windows Phone front and if there will certainly be new hardware because that 8.1

Users that don’t want to wait for HTC to supply the upgrade do have actually recourse to the Developer Preview program, which is supposed to walk live again during (or shortly after) the build announcement. That regimen will enable users to upgrade their OS to an early build of the 8.1 update, though any customized firmware native HTC will certainly be omitted till the later update is finalized.

Source: Reddit; via Engadget


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