I newly purchased a DVD copy of the 1979 tv series Huckleberry Finn and His Friends starring Ian Tracey as Huck and Sammy Snyders as Tom Sawyer. By my own reckoning I would certainly imagine I initially experienced this 26-part series on Irish tv once I was around eight years old. The present made a astronomical impression on me as a young boy and also I’m happy to say that revisiting it as an adult was an absolute delight. The point about watching a TV series that you loved as a youngster is that you perform naturally approach it a later age with a particular level of trepidation. The forethe majority of problem on my mind as I started episode 1 – Welcome Neighbour – was would certainly it be excellent as I remembered. Would there be shortcomings I can notification offered the passage of time? Or would certainly some of the gloss be gone? After all, I hadn’t checked out the series in the intervening 35 or 36 years. I’m glad, therefore, to say that it more than lived approximately my memories and expectations. And then some.

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A German-Canadian co-manufacturing which was spearheaded by producers Robert Stabler and Thomas Wagner, the series was shot in Canada (for financial reasons), greatly around the Vancouver location, with the surrounding Fraser River doubling as the Mississippi. The actors itself was comprised largely of Canadian and German players. Tracey and Snyders were both Canadian. Actors such as Brigitte Horney and also Dinah Hinz, who played Aunt Polly and also Aunt Sally respectively, were Gerguy. The one exception to this in the significant attributed cast was Amerihave the right to Blu Mankuma that played Jim. Others who featured in episodes contained Alex Diakun as the treacherous Injun Joe and Bernie Coulkid who was actors as Sid Sawyer. Watch out also for a young Bruce Greenlumber that appeared in 3 of the later on episodes playing Bob Grangerford, a member of a well-to-carry out family which is at war via a adjoining clan.


The main players were pitch-perfect in their particular duties. An amalgamation essentially of Twain’s two a lot of renowned functions The Adendeavors of Tom Sawyer (1876) and The Adendeavors of Huckleberry Finn (1884), the 10-hour plus television series gives more screen time to Huck’s character than Tom’s, whilst essaying that character’s relationship through the oft-mischievous and also hooky-playing schoolboy, and the gentle runameans servant Jim. Ian Tracey appears in all 26 episodes of the series and really it’s tough to imagine any type of various other son actor in the iconic component. Softly-spoken and wide-eyed, his Huck Finn lasts long in the memory after the conclusion of episode 26. The same can likewise be sassist of Sammy Snyders as the constantly imaginative and adventure-seeking Tom. In the Making Of documentary which I watched as part of the DVD set (from the mid-2000s I imagine), the grown-up Snyders admitted that, as a twelve-year-old actor, he didn’t constantly learn his lines. If such was the instance this doesn’t come across onscreen whatsoever and also Snyders makes for a near-perfect realisation as Tom. Blu Mankuma as Jim, the other a lot of prominent cast member, really came into his own during the second fifty percent of the present and also the series relocated right into the chronicles of Huck Finn per se. His scenes with Tracey on the raft are particularly memorable as they comment on some life matters. Brigitte Horney – although referred to as it would seem – is also terrific as Aunt Polly. Other Germale actress Dinah Hinz also fares well as Aunt Sally, albeit through lesser display screen time.


The duration feel to the show is exceptionally well realised in spite of the budgetary constraints which indeveloped the producers decision to shoot in Canada as opposed to southern of the border wbelow the two novels are collection. In the Making Of documentary producer Wagner describes the factors for this and also provides reference to some of the locations supplied and also dwellings utilised. Happily, it seems, Tom’s house is still standing. The interior sets I would certainly indicate execute hint a small at the monetary moderation which had to prevail, yet these are offset by the glorious photography outdoors. Both of Twain’s classical novels involve the excellent outdoors to a large degree and it’s wonderful to check out the Canadian landscape substitute accordingly for its American equivalent. I need to additionally make particular point out of a great musical score by Ted Ottley. Many of the tunes and leitmotifs were still stuck in my head after 35 years or so and also watching the series aacquire carried them earlier to mind via all attendant nostalgia.


The present has so many type of memorable moments and also why wouldn’t it of course when you consider the riches of source material it has at its disposal. The first fifty percent of the series – acquired from The Adendeavors of Tom Sawyer – entails for example the well known whitewashing scene (episode 2 – Love in Bloom) in which the as-always wily Tom manperiods to talk a number of boys right into painting his Aunt Polly’s fence on his befifty percent. The lurking hazard which is presented by Injun Joe’s character in episode 4 (Mystery at Midnight) is counter rather by the complying with The Piprices episode, but returns in episode 8 – Muff Potter’s trial – once Huck and Tom expose what they observed in the cemetery the night of Dr. Robinson’s murder. Injun Joe returns in episode 10 – Huck is a Hero – but, his fate is sealed in the caves wbelow he has covert his loot. The series undergoes something of a shift in episodes 12, 13 and 14 as Huck is briefly adopted by the Widow Douglas and Miss Watkid. Huck’s abduction by his mean ‘Pap’ – who wishes to lay his hands on the small fortune Huck has actually got through Tom – pressures the former right into faking his very own fatality and this leads to his reuniting with Jim and also determining to head to a totally free state currently that Jim is a runamethod servant. These scenes shared between Ian Tracey and also Blu Mankuma are in so many kind of methods among my favourites from the TV present, yet I additionally have to express my excellent love of the very final few episodes once Tom Sawyer re-enters the plot. The personalities of the Fight It Out and also Dauphin, the warring family members of the Grangerfords and also Shepherdsons having actually been dispensed through, the winning trio of Huck, Tom and also Jim are so memorable and admirably played by the leads. The penultimate episode 25 – The Rescue – has actually Tom concocting an overly elaborate arrangement to complimentary Jim entailing clandestine messages warning of a murderous gang, and trick tunnelling under the shed wright here the runameans slave is being held. Snyders and Mankuma are particularly brilliant in these scenes; the young actor exuding the enthusiasm for adendeavor his character holds dear; the older actor, meantime, displaying Jim’s great patience with the subterfuge, anxious as he is not to disapallude his young frifinish.

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Fans of the show, and readers of Twain, will know complete well that Tom’s overthought plan virtually backfires on himself with fatal aftermath. Episode 26 – The Whole Truth – sees a mad dash to conserve the injured Tom via Jim in certain sacrificing his very own chance at liberty. But there’s a happy finishing of course and the incredibly last scene of the series – involving, a lot of appropriately Tracey, Snyders and also Mankuma – has the friends agreeing to head out west currently that Jim has some money of his very own and Huck’s ‘Pap’ is dead. The just pity is the series could not have actually gone on additionally. I, for one, could have actually lived with many type of even more episodes. But, as is, Huckleberry Finn and His Friends is a gem of a display which perfectly realises the tenor and milieu of Mark Twain’s work. I’m happy to say that it more than stands the test of time and I’d encourage anyone to either revisit it or pick up this classical tv series for the exceptionally first time. Here’s to Huck and Tom. And Jim too.