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Several children at south Park Elementary have actually iPads, yet Cartman go not, and he is accused the pretending to have one. Kyle is chased through the town and kidnapped by apple employees, who claim their actions space legal under the newest version of the iTunes terms and conditions, come which Kyle agreed there is no reading. Meanwhile, Cartman embarrasses his mom by loudly accusing she of "fucking" him since she do the efforts to sell him a cheaper alternative to the iPad. South Park Spoiler Alert! (The finish plot because that this southern Park Episode)
After Cartman mocks the other students for not having actually an iPad, the is revealed the he self does not have actually one, lot to his humiliation. Meanwhile, Kyle, who did not read the Terms and Conditions as soon as agreeing come download his last iTunes update, is sought by shadowy agents indigenous Apple Inc., who wish to perform a variety of intrusive actions top top him, informing him the he agreed to them once he download the update. Kyle attempts to flee these men, and is incredulous when his friends educate him the they every actually check out the entire Terms and Conditions once they downloaded their last update. Kyle seeks refuge in ~ his father"s law office, but the apologize agents kidnap him and taser his father. That is thrown right into a cell v a Japanese man and a young woman who additionally failed to review the Terms. Meanwhile, Cartman embarrasses his mother, Liane, at ideal Buy, mooning the customers and angrily accusing her of "fucking" the after she provides to buy him the cheaper Toshiba HandiBook. As a an outcome of his outburst, she decreases to buy him anything and also takes that home. In ~ a gathering of apologize employees, Steve jobs unveils the new product for which Kyle and also the other two were kidnapped: the HUMANCENTiPAD (based top top The person Centipede), making up the three kidnapped subjects on every fours and also sewn together mouth to anus. The Japanese male is in front, v an iphone phone attached to his forehead; Kyle is in the middle; and also the mrs is in ~ the rear, through an iPad attached to her anus and also powered through the trio"s defecation. However, jobs is disappointed once Kyle proceeds to authorize agreements that are put in front of that without reading them first, and puts the "device" through tests in an effort to do it read. Earlier in south Park, Gerald goes v Stan, Kenny, and Butters to the Apple save to seek advice from "the Geniuses" on how to save Kyle. After performing 2 rituals, a "quickening" in i beg your pardon they user interface through their mouths using light beams and a "toran ra" ritual in which lock poke floating fancy bubbles, the Geniuses conclude the they can make Kyle"s commitment void if Gerald, a pc user, indications up with Apple and creates a household account. When Gerald consents to sign up with Apple, the head Genius proclaims the Vulcan expression Kal-if-fee and also an induction ceremony in tin silver paper hats is held in a setup resembling the earth Vulcan in the Star Trek: The Original series episode "Amok Time". Meanwhile, Cartman shows up on Dr. Phil to publicly accuse Liane that "fucking" him. The audience take away his side despite Liane"s protests; as a consolation gift, Cartman is provided the an initial ever HUMANCENTiPAD as tasks unveils it come the public. Cartman is elated to have actually a device that not just supports net browsing and email, but enables him to have someone defecate right into Kyle"s mouth. Quickly afterwards, Gerald and also the to apologize employees arrive to tell work that Kyle must be released, due to the fact that his agreement to the iTunes terms and conditions is no longer valid. Jobs allows Kyle and also the 2 others to it is in taken far to be separated, and Cartman, furious at having his dream taken away so quickly, shouts at God, angrily mocking him for "fucking" him.

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That is then struck by a bolt of lightning (presumably sent out by God, upset by Cartman"s disrespect, together punishment for Cartman"s behavior). The illustration ends with a shot of Cartman battered and bruised in a hospital bed, sobbing, when his mommy flips with a book indifferently.