Can Hummers tow like consistent trucks? Yes, however only if you are pulling irradiate cargo over quick distances.

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You already know AMG and GM’s blockbuster civilian Humvee delivers outstanding performance top top the pavement and the trail, making lock the ideal car for camping.

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What have the right to You Tow v a Hummer?How come Tow through A HummerShould You it is in Pulling heavy Cargo through the Hummer?


Should You it is in Pulling heavy Cargo through the Hummer?

It is true the Hummer has actually a hard military-grade construction. The H1, v its wider body, is perfect suited because that towing large, oversized items, especially if you want to evade state troopers.

But should you it is in pulling countless pounds with this road king? right here are things to consider before towing with a Hummer.

Shorter Wheelbase

Hummers have a much shorter wheelbase compared to pickups of the exact same weight. They can share the same frame, behind axle, drivetrain, and even motors, but the short wheelbase method Hummers cannot support as much weight as timeless trucks.

If you plan to tow huge items over lengthy distances, walk for a pickup such as among Ford’s F series. You will certainly be happy you did.

Luxury Ride

The Hummer is a high-end ride because that comfortable weekend excursions. That is not a workhorse you deserve to use come haul hundreds of pounds every day.

If you usage your H1 or H2 come tow a load close come its limit frequently, over there is a high chance of frying the transmission and also wearing out the engine.

The Hummer will perform well with occasional towing runs. If the load is in ~ its capacity, you i will not ~ have concerns scaling hills and also getting the end of valleys.

But a truck choose the H3 will battle at steep inclines if the cargo is close to the maximum towing limit due to the fact that of its underpowered engine.

Speed Limitation

Hummers are slow also without pulling a trailer. Their rate reduces significantly if the automobile has to tow a cargo close to its weight.

Real Hummer users have reported abysmal acceleration if pulling RVs and boats through their trucks. The vehicles lack the torque of consistent heavy-duty pickups, and also this to reduce its speed on the pavement if towing.

If rate is a significant concern, either reduce the weight or acquire a capable pickup for her towing activities. Making use of a Hummer together your major tow auto will do you slower, cost more and can hasten the van demise.

Poor Fuel Economy

Hummers room atrocious gas guzzlers. This won’t aid if you can only cruise at 60 mph v a 6,000-pound trailer on her tail. Fuel economy can endure a huge hit when towing v these vehicles, and also users have reported a lowly 9 mpg top top trips.

Unsuitable for lengthy Distance Haulage

Many the the determinants outlined above make the Hummer unsuitable because that towing throughout long distances. The automobile is no designed to support heavy loads on its wheelbase. The tongue weight may not be enough to lower the hitch, yet the engines and also transmission will take a severe beating.

The renowned opinion on numerous Hummer forums is that towing v the van in the long term have the right to break things. The is much safer, cheaper and much more convenient come tow through a specialized pickup van with perfect gross auto weight rating.

That way, girlfriend have more than enough weight transferring capacity to tow something you choose without worrying about blown trannies and worn engine blocks.

When Is the Hummer the Perfect Tow Vehicle?

Hummers optimal the perform of complete 4×4 trucks and also this provides them perfectly suited for usage as towing vehicles in rough terrains. If girlfriend live in one area with negative weather, where full-time four-wheel-drive and also traction improvement systems will provide an advantage, a Hummer is her go-to truck.

However, you shouldn’t pack a Hummer over its maximum weight capacity also if law enforcement is no around. Even if it is you usage the vehicle on the farm or earlier roads, that is better to stick to the manufacturer-recommended towing limit to prevent expensive repairs.

Final Words

Can Hummers tow? Yes, they can. But can they offer as your primary towing vehicle? most likely not. Hummers are primarily a luxury auto for having fun top top the trail and also the beach.

These trucks room not the best for her towing needs. You have the right to hitch your RV to a Hummer, yet you probably will tow her H2 v a cell phone home.

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If you should tow small loads over short distances occasionally, the Hummer is fantastic choice. But for daily use comparable to the function of a Chevy Silverado or Ford F-450, her H1 or H2 will break in ~ a short time. The is better to get a genuine pick up and save yourself the maintenance and operational headache.