Anneliese (speaking)-I'm savoring my very first and lastTaste of freedom prior to gettingMarried following week.Erika (speaking)-At least, you're not anIndentured servant.Anneliese (speaking)-Indentured servant?Erika-If I'd like to have my breakfast hotMadame Carp will certainly make me pay,And I need to fetch the eggs myselfAnd the barn's a mile away.It's cold and wetBut still I acquire an omelette on mine plate,But in mine head I'm back in bedSnuggled up and also sleeping late.Anneliese (speaking)-Really?Erika (speaking)-Really. However it's all right.I mean, I'm supplied to it.And you?Anneliese (speaking)-Well...Erika (speaking)-Well?Anneliese-If I want some eggs ns ring the bellAnd the maid comes running in,And she offer them ~ above a silver- trayAnd she bring a cookie tin.And while i eat, she rubs mine feetAnd strolling minstrels play,But I'd fairly be in mine libraryReading science publications all day.Erika-I'm as with youAnneliese (speaking)-(you are?)Erika-You're just like meThere's elsewhere we'd fairly beSomewhere that's oursSomewhere that dreams come trueYes i am a girl favor you.You'd never ever think that it to be soBut now I've met you and also I know,It's level as daySure together the skies is blueI to be a girl choose you.Anneliese (speaking)-So, you're a singer?Erika (speaking)-No, I work at mam Carp's penitentiary.Uh, i mean, dress Emporium.Anneliese (speaking)-I love madame Carp's dresses!Erika (speaking)-I made the one you're wearing.Anneliese (speaking)-You made this? The style looks for this reason complicated!Erika (speaking)-Oh, that isn't really.(sings)First I pick a towel from the rackAnd ns pin the pattern down,And ns stitch it in the front and also backAnd it turns right into a gown!Anneliese-I wear my gownWithout my crownAnd dance roughly my roomBoth-And imagine life without the strifeOf an unfamiliar groom.Anneliese (speaking)-But I'd never ever let my mommy know.I wouldn't want to disappointed her.Erika (speaking)-I fully understand.Anneliese-I'm as with youErika-(I think that's true)Anneliese-You're just like meErika-(Yes I can see)Both-We take responsibilityAnneliese-We lug throughErika-(We lug through)Both-Do what we must go.Yes ns am a girl favor you.Anneliese-I'm similar to youErika-(I'm as with you)Anneliese-You're as with meErika-(You're similar to me)Both-It's something anyone have the right to seeAnneliese-A heart the beatsErika-(a heart that beats)Both-A voice that speaks the truthYes ns am a girl choose you.