I remember some years ago a occupational colleague discussed to me the she had gone to bed early on the night before because she was bored and also couldn’t think that anything rather to do. In ~ the time, my diary was crammed complete of society engagements, gym classes, work-related drinks and also blog events, and (naively – smugly even?) i remember thinking that i couldn’t remember the last time ns was bored. The felt favor I was always running native one place to one more – taking 3 bags to job-related to cover the PT session before I gained to the office and the readjust of clothing needed to go for dinner with a friend later on – and that ns never obtained a minute to myself, permit alone a minute where ns wouldn’t have known what do with a pocket of cost-free time. Ns did start to perform ‘keep free’ evenings but even this would certainly be tightly organised and used because that blogging, clean or ‘life admin’. I would go v phases that ‘slowing down’ yet never because that long; there was always something to be planned or a brand-new shiny coin (a class, job or understanding would catch my eye). Ns craved being busy but life to be stressful and also tiring and also the balance never seemed to be fairly right. Ns was either burned out or frantically cancelling everything in my diary, only to wonder what come do as soon as I did have free time.

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These days, life is really different. I’ll have actually plans probably one or 2 evenings a week, and maybe one or 2 weekends a month. Mine commute is much much shorter and I work from home a pair of days’ a week and have the versatility to work about other commitments. Up till him going back to his 2nd home last week, my exercise routine was predominantly just walking the dog and I haven’t checked out the within of a gym for months. If there space ‘after job-related drinks’ the take location at my current workplace I’ve not been invited (ha!) and blog occasions tend to be the odd cost-free dinner every pair of months (and I’m normally in bed through 9pm). It’s same to say the I have actually a many of free time. And yet, I can never, ever relax. I just do no know exactly how to carry out nothing.

At virtually 30 weeks’ pregnant the fatigue is really starting to collection in, and also I know my body is informing me to rest. At the minute I’m for this reason uncomfortable in ~ night that my Fitbit is informing me i’m averaging about four hours’ sleep. My heart rate is always high, I’m always out the breath, and some job after I’ve gained up at 0630 come walk the dog and got myself prepared for occupational I’ve wanted to cry in ~ the thought of sitting on the motorway for half an hour and then spending a totality day in the office in and out of meetings. The logical thing would be go to bed early, to minimise activity in the evenings and to usage my totally free time come rest and relax. I desire to perform that, genuinely i do. The Sunday before last I had actually planned to tidy and clean the house and also then to go to a second-hand revenue for baby things, and also yet an hour before the revenue was as result of start i hit a tiredness wall surface where I simply knew ns wasn’t approximately leaving the house. Ns lay in bed for half an hour feeling so guilty – I had talked about the truth I to be going and I believed there could be part bargains there and also an opportunity to mite some points off the baby shopping list. I felt lazy and also flaky for not going (even though i was walking on mine own), and also not going ultimately opened increase two hrs of a Sunday that ns then necessary to fill with something. Rather of going to the revenue I functioned my way through the to-do perform (lots the washing and also cleaning), took the dog the end for a second walk, did a grocery store shop and did some meal prepping because that the week. Of food by the end of the day ns was even much more tired, and by the time Monday morning rolled about I no feel favor I was beginning the week feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

I began to think around why it is ns can’t simply sit and also relax, and I realised that once I try and carry out so ns battling part inner voices and paradigms about relaxing that conquer my thinking and stop me from doing so. Castle are:

All time must be optimised and used in the most productive way. That is not reliable to ‘single task’ – for example whilst the town hall TV you can be ironing, whilst acquisition a shower you can be cleaning the shower screen, whilst reading you might be extending (or listening to an audiobook whilst wade the dog).Life is short, so to invest time doing nothing is a waste. You don’t exist just to live and work, so you need to do points in the evenings and also weekends in order to ensure work/life balance.All evenings and also weekends must be filled with points of ‘meaning’. The embarrassing to pertained to work top top a Monday morning and say that you’ve excellent nothing.It’s lazy and also unproductive to get up late, and you need to feel awkward of act so.It’s chaotic and stressful to leaving time free – things might pop suddenly so it’s better to have control over your time and also keep points organised.Everyone rather is getting on v things and coping better than me through being pregnant.

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I understand logically, reading these things ago that they space ridiculous, and also if a girlfriend made any type of of these insurance claims to me I would certainly tell castle off! but I also know that the within voice is loud and also these ideologies are difficult to shake. Also physiologically ns don’t know exactly how to relax. I gain fidget-y, mine Restless leg Syndrome kicks in and I can’t obtain comfortable. My mind wanders (usually to the to-do list) and I have actually to get up and busy myself. The guilt creeps in and also things feel out of manage – to climate go and also do the washing up, or placed a to wash on or organise some emails provides me feel instantly far better and more in balance. I even feel far better having written that sentence – the feels reassuring in which method to write a perform of points that could be excellent to do things more in order.

The trouble of food is the I’m really, really tired. Once my alarm goes turn off in the morning that feels overwhelming. I feel emotional and sensitive since I’m for this reason tired, yet the only method I know to feel much better is to acquire that small dopamine hit of having ticked something turn off the to-do list or organised miscellaneous in the calendar. Ns wish this was a blog short article with a lesson at the end, because that would certainly feel neat and conclusive, but it isn’t. I don’t understand the answer, and also I need to, because I’m worried my human body is not going to react well to proceeding to be pushed (and yet keying that, number six on the list is flashing in ~ me in glowing neon lights – which Rosie, most other human being manage to be pregnant and still organize down liven lives!) just how do ns relax and do nothing, without emotion guilty? how do i overcome all of those points on the list and also tell myself it’s it s okay to simply REST. Just how do I disregard the washing pile? Why am ns so fear of merely doing nothing?