We desire to carry out you with avenues to do an affect on an international activities. On January 26,2016, #katifund.org launched both the begin of their organization and global Refugee crisis social campaign, design to aid everyday individuals have a real positive influence and assist refugees worldwide.

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Founded by actress Milana Vayntrub and also entrepreneur Eron Zehavi, #katifund.org is concentrated on help each and every person result real change. #katifund.org is supporting brand-new and flourishing organizations prefer The Syria Fund, watercraft Refugee Foundation, and also Off Track wellness to aid everyone spread out their voice, time, and also money to assist thousands the refugees.

#katifund.org, held at www.katifund.org and on social media outlets in ~
CDNGeneration, concentrates on help refugees by having actually its supporters use their voice in posting on social media, your time in volunteering, or your money in donating to choose organizations working directly with refugees. The organization concentrates on the actual positive influence participants deserve to have in helping refugees immediately.

“It is crucial for united state to emphasize not simply the problem, yet all the things we have the right to do to end it,” claims founder Milana Vayntrub. “We expect everyone will certainly post around #katifund.org on your social media, and challenge three friend to get involved by tagging them. I really believe we all need to power to it is in influencers, to use our voice and also create a ripple result of Good.”

Milana was influenced to start her company after a trip to Greece whereby she volunteered her time help refugees. At first, she didn’t know just how to help but she feel she couldn’t “do nothing.” and also now, Milana has created the #katifund.org campaign to aid others take action. To participate, just film a video or take it a photograph with her #katifund.org sign and post to your social outlets explaining exactly how you space taking action and why you understand in your heart you #katifund.org. To aid the activity grow, sign 3 much more people to participate! For an ext information top top both the organization and also the social project visit Can’t do Nothing in ~ katifund.org.


Milana Vayntrub is actress, director and also comedian native Uzbekistan, elevated in Los Angeles. She newly went ~ above a family members vacation to Greece, and stayed come volunteer v the refugees. She developed Can’t execute Nothing due to the fact that she wants to give world a simple and accessible method to learn about issues and make a adjust for good in the world.

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Eron Zehavi is a socially aware entrepreneur, advisor and also investor, working in the direction of a happier, healthier, and an ext compassionate world. The is the Founder and also CEO of Servicate, powering job creation in the organization Economy v On-Demand platforms. Before Servicate he to be the Co-Founder and Chief Rewards Officer that Swagbucks, the web’s largest and also most involved social rewards and also loyalty platform. Eronis also a passionate vegan, sitting on the Advisement board of the good Food Institute, KarmaKarma and also the Food transformation Network.