Sample Lyrics

"I Don"t Care"

Words through Jean LenoxMusic by harry O. Sutton

Vaudeville star Eva Tanguay became closely figured out with thisrowdy song, which came to be her an individual trademark struggle in the at an early stage 1900s. It was later on performed by Judy Garland in MGM"s In the good Old Summertime (1949) and by Mitzi Gaynor (portraying Tanguay) in The i Don"t treatment Girl (1953).

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This is the lyric together it shows up in the original sheet music, released by Jerome H. Remick & Co. (NY) in 1905. The verses space in typical time and are marked"Moderato," if the verses are in 2/4 time and are marked"Faster." friend will an alert some the the later choruses do not constantly fitthe beat. Tanguay comprised for that with her energetic delivery.

Verse 1They to speak I"m crazy, obtained no sense,But ns don"t care.They might or may not average offence,But ns don"t care;You view I"m kind of independent,Of a clever race descendent,My star is on the ascendant,That"s why i don"t care.

Chorus 1I don"t care,I don"t care,What they may think the me.I"m happy go lucky,Men say i am plucky,So jolly and care free.I don"t care,I don"t care,If ns do gain the mean and also stony stare.If I"m never ever successful,It won"t be distressful,"Cos ns don"t care.

Verse 2Some human being say i think I"m it,But i don"t care,They speak they don"t choose me a bit,But ns don"t care;"Cos my good nature effervescing,Is one, there is no distressing,My spirit there is no oppressing,Just "cos ns don"t care.

Chorus 2I don"t care,I don"t care,If world don"t choose me,I"ll try to outlive it,I understand I"ll pardon it,And live contentedly.I don"t care,I don"t care,If civilization do not try to treat me fair.There is naught can amaze me,Dislike can not daze me,"Cos ns don"t care.

Verse 3If I speak to on a friend and she"s "not in,"Why, ns don"t care,I simply uncover I need some pins,"Cos i don"t care;Her feeble slim does yet amuse me,Nothing prefer it might induce me,To hand it back none might induce me,Just "cos ns don"t care.

Chorus 3I don"t care,I don"t care,If she did typical to snub.I"m feeling so jolly,T"would be an easy follyTo also feel the rub.I don"t care,I don"t care,If i do speak to on herAnd she"s no there.If she can"t say "Hello,"She"s not a an excellent fellow,And i don"t care.

Verse 4They say mine hair"s in silly style,But i don"t care,They yet amuse me every the while,"Cos ns don"t care;You watch my hair with me"s a fixture,And it"s color"s no a mixture,When they contact me life picture,Surely i don"t care.

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Chorus 4I don"t care,I don"t care,If mine hair is not dressed swell;I"ve obtained no absent coming -It"s vastly becoming,And suits my face so well;I don"t care,I don"t care,I understand that layout like mine Is mighty rare.So no one have the right to "Phase" me,By calling me "Crazy,""Cos i don"t care.