Obama Doesn’t care 2 Obama (and many liberals) don’t care around you or what do America great. An initial blog 2008-2020 cancelled through mods.
♦ Kinzinger is being challenged in Illinois by Catalina Lauf < Website Here>♦ Meijer is being..." width="857" height="487">
10 RINO DecepitCONs have to go down.

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Their adversaries need your support.

♦Valdao is being tested in California by kris Mathys < Website right here >

♦ Kinzinger is being tested in Illinois through Catalina Lauf < Website Here>

♦ Meijer is being challenged in Michigan through Tom Norton < Website Here>

♦ Upton is being tested in Michigan through Steve Carra < Website Here>

♦ Cheney is being tested in Wyoming by 3 opponents:

♦ john Katko (NY-24) is right now uncontested < Need main Candidate>

♦ Gonzalez is being tested in Ohio through Max miller < Website here > endorsed by president Trump, and additionally challenged through Jonah Schulz

♦ Tom Rice is being tested in southern Carolina through Ken Richardson < Website right here >

♦ Herrera-Beutler is being tested in Washington State by Joe Kent < Website below >

♦ Newhouse is being tested in Washington State by Loren Culp < Website right here >

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A weak,deluded item of shit.

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There space over 200 million american who are vaccinated, and daily instances right currently are 300% higher than they were a year earlier when there to be ZERO people vaccinated. Fauci and also the lockdowners don"t even attempt to describe this. Asking why.


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Do your Duty together an American and also Do no Comply

Do. Not. Comply.
Brandon Morse
execute Your Duty as an American and also Do no Comply

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BREAKING: Vaccine Mandate Protests Erupt Nationwide, Protesters speak They will NEVER obtain The Vaccine, need Biden Walk back His Vaccine Mand
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The truth is

This is what Jim Jordan stated about second impeachment

I tolerated 44 (Obama) because that 8 years and also only hope the finest for him, never said " not my president " due to the fact that he certainly was the president of the joined States.

Here is my worry with the whole, “let us all be a United claims again” that us heard native Joe Biden.

For the last 4+ years, the Democrats have gone scorched earth. You have actually salted the fields and also now you want to thrive crops.

The trouble is 72+ million the us have actually memories much longer than a hamster.

We mental the women’s march (vagina hats and also all) the job after inauguration.

We remember the 4 years of attacks and also impeachments

We remember the continuous “not our president” and also the “Resistance…”

We mental Maxie Walters telling followers to harass us in restaurants.

We remember the Presidents spokesperson gift kicked the end a restaurant.

We remember hundreds of Trump pendant physically attacked.

We remember trump supporters getting Doxed, and also fired native jobs.

We remember riots, and looting

We mental “a comedian” holding increase the President’s severed head

We remember a play in main park paid v public funding, showing the killing of chairman Trump

We remember Robert de Niro yelling “F" Trump” at the Tony’s and also getting a was standing ovation.

We remember Nancy Pelosi tearing up the State the the Union Address.

We psychic the complete in the tank move on the tendency media

We mental the non-stop and live reality checking on ours President and his supporters.

We psychic non-stop in your challenge lies and also open cover-ups indigenous the media.

We remember the President and also his staff being spied on.

We remember 5 Senators shoot on a ballfield.

We mental every so-called comedy present turn right into nothing however Trump hate fest.

We psychic 95% an unfavorable coverage in the news.

We remember the state governors asking and also getting whatever they ask for and then blaming trump card for your problems.

We psychic a trump card top aid verbally assaulted in two DC restaurants.

We remember people banging top top the can be fried Court doors.

We mental that us were called every name in the book for sustaining President Trump.

We remember the Hollywood claimed they would certainly leave ~ Trump was elected yet they stayed.

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This list is endless, yet you obtain the idea.

My friends will certainly be my friends, yet a party that has actually been top top the strike for 4 long years walk not get a complimentary pass v me!