One good thing the music uses us is the possibility to relate come something as soon as it seems choose you’re the just one that feels the means you do. 

Andrew Hozier-Bryne, much more commonly recognized as Hozier, is a singer-songwriter native Ireland. Hozier has a method of creating that renders it basic to relate to what he’s saying. One instance of exactly how he does this is his song like Real human being Do. 

This song is therefore beautifully created that it’s difficult not come love it. Not only is the music satisfying to hear to, however the lyrics bring something special and also entirely various from anything you’ve ever before heard.

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The text tell a story the two people who obtain into a partnership with a the majority of baggage. However, no of them desire to share your past. They desire to move forward and forget. In stimulate to achieve this, they nothing tell each other the weight the they are carrying. 

The an initial verse goes as follows, “I had actually a thought dear, but scary, around that night. The bugs and the dirt, why were you digging? What did you bury, prior to those hands pulled me native the Earth?”

This an initial verse is the thought of among the civilization in the relationship. That is questioning himself what the various other person’s life to be like prior to they met each other. He is curious around what points haunt their partners’ past. 

The last line of the very first verse likewise hints in ~ this human carrying a many hurt from a previous relationship. 

After a difficult breakup indigenous a relationship that you thought would critical forever, you can feel a small hopeless or, come be an ext dramatic, dead. The last line of this verse is important since it help you recognize where the human is comes from. 

The heat says, “Before those hand pulled me indigenous the dirt.” This symbolizes that his companion pulled that from his dark spot and also showed him exactly how to love again.

The pre chorus is next, “I will certainly not asking you wherein you came from. I will certainly not questioning you, neither should you.”

This line of the track is one the stands the end to me. The person in the relationship is telling their partner that he won’t dig into their previous or asking questions about it due to the fact that that’s what he wants in return. He desires to move on with his life and escape the things that were following him and he respects that they could want the very same thing.

The chorus of the tune follows, “Honey simply put your sweet lips on mine lips. We should just kiss choose real people do.”

In the chorus that is informing his companion not come question, or think, or worry. Instead, simply love and also kiss that “like real people do”. That his method of escaping the world.

The following verse is, “I knew the look, too ~ eyes constantly seeking. To be there in someone that dug lengthy ago? for this reason I will certainly not ask friend why to be you creeping, in part sad means I already know.”

What this verse is showing is that he establish a look at in his partner eyes. Even if it is it’s fear or stress of their past capturing up to them, the sees it. He says again that he won’t ask lock why they’re hiding things since he’s currently guessed at what it is and also he to know the pain the comes through it.

The track ends with the pre chorus and also the chorus repeating two much more times.

Hozier has actually a gift of writing that helps people relate come his music. This song doesn’t have to be about people v traumas relating to past relationships. It can be around abuse, household losses, or also things that are lot darker.

That’s the exceptional thing about music, you can make it about whatever you want it to be about.

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This song will always hold a location in my heart since not just does the sound calm with the guitar picking pattern but, in my opinion, the lyrics tell a story of 2 beautifully broken people who live their lives after the situations that damaged them in the very first place.