I just got a contact from my friend.I just gained your email.I just review your email.I just come from a store.

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I have just got a speak to from my friend.I have just obtained your email.I have just read your email.I have just came from a store.

I looked this up as wkatifund.org before asking the question and also learned that "have just" consumption is regularly a british English usage. However, i am not completely sure if it is it s okay to omit the "have" or no in American usage or, the is incorrect.



It’s not blocked to usage the past an easy with the adverb “just”. Adverbs that attach the past to the existing are regularly used with the present perfect. Therefore, it’s exactly to use:

I have just received a call from mine friend. (not... I just received a speak to from mine friend)Have you watched Alison lately? (not Did girlfriend see...)

Other adverbs that are used in the exact same manner include already, because (last week), so far, still, yet.


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