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I desire to execute it bereason it"s fun. It"s fun to execute bad points. I wanted to execute hoodrat stuff through my friends. Latarian Milton


Latarian Milton is a rebellious young lad profiled on tv after he stole his grandmother"s automobile at only 7 years of age. His interviews are notable for such option quotes as "it"s fun to carry out bad things" and have actually spawned plenty of remixes & mash-ups.

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On April 27th, 2008, Latarian stole his grandmother"s Dodge Durango and "ran over 2 mailboxes, hit 2 parked cars in a Costco parking lot and also struck 2 moving cars near a Wal-Mart" before finishing the a number of mile long joyride.<1> West Palm Beach Newstation WPBF interperceived him the day after, and uploaded the interview to YouTube the very same day.



Views for the video stayed relatively low until May as soon as it obtained even more expocertain from becoming featured on YouTube. It began to obtain more exposure after it becoming a featured video on YouTube in May. In February of 2010, Greg Rutter added it to his "You Should Have Also Seen This" webwebsite.<2>

The video has actually got over 5 million views as of April 2011.




Boondocks Parody

On June sixth, 2010, Adult Swim"s animated tv series, The Boondocks aired the episode "Smokin With Cigarettes" that based its plot on a parody of Latarian Milton. The episode illustrated him as a "demon child", and also also offered some of his inrenowned quotes such as "It"s fun to carry out negative points.".

Tosh.0 Appearance

Althe majority of 2 years after the joyride event, Daniel Tosh, the organize of Comedy Central"s Tosh.0 contacted Latarian for an interwatch pointing out what taken place. He explains that he stole the vehicle because he was mad at his mother for not letting his friends in the home to watch cartoons. He clintends he was not punimelted, and that what he did was "cool".

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Walmart Incident

On May 12, 2008, 2 weeks after the Dodge Durango event, Latarian was lugged in for a psychological evaluation for physically attacking his grandmommy once she refused to buy him chicken wings in a Walmart.

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