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Championxiii - Becky katifund.orgHahaha, ns guess I"ll drink for this shit man Look, look ns knew this bitch named Becky (Becky, Becky, Becky) She like to talk actual sexy (Ugh, nasty bitch) I had to tell she she gon" stop, yeah, yeah "Cause everyone recognize that she a thot (Fucking nasty bitch) but this shit don"t stop, never ever ever, nah Man, I"m swervin" in the coupe and I skrrt off the lot of (God, God) This shit is so hot, ns am the ...
Championxiii - Becky katifund.orgMake moves, she make time I check out her if I"m paris She sees me and also it"s on vision "cause ns knew this bitch called Becky (Becky, Becky, Becky) She choose to talk real sexy (Ugh, nasty bitch) I had actually to tell she she gon" avoid (Stop, stop) "Cause everybody know that she a thot (Fucking nasty bitch) however this shit don"t stop, never ever ever, nah
Future - No issue What come "No matter What" by Future. Us made a bond from the an extremely beginning I discovered my homey and also my ideal friend Imma it is in there because that ya it rotates the very end, No issue what, no issue what, no matter what, yes We damaged the rules, us took it further in
Yung Gravy - Alley Oop katifund.orgI"m in the earlier of the keep gettin" Becky (Woo) Bitch baby This form of shit that"s gon" do them go crazy (Like woo) I simply pulled up in a brand brand-new Mercedes (Woo) She said she pregnant the can"t be my baby (Woo, yeah) ns was just stuck in the trap and they saved me.
D12 - My tape"Becky five my fuckin" god it"s Eminem" ... Us ain"t a band bitch, us don"t play instruments So why he gain 90 and we only get 10 percent ... I"m the command singer of mine band, mine salsa makes all the nice girls want to dance My salsa, well, look out for my next single, it"s called "My Salsa"
Becky G - environment-friendly Light walk katifund.orgLil" bitch, don"t try kill my vibe LAX wherein we paris high I"ll check out you on the other side OK, nobody stop me, I"m top top my environment-friendly light go everything I carry out is big, I"m on my "fee-fi-fo" I come up from out the dirt, I"m favor a concrete increased If I ever fall, I"m landin" on mine Gucci soles I obtained my foot on the gas I"m Usain Bolt ~ above the dash the lil" bum ...
Snoop Dogg - A Bitch ns Knew katifund.orgBut I"ma holla back, cause I"m on one more bitch I"m ~ above some various other shit, I obtained a phone contact From the motherfuckin chairman y"all he said, "Snoop Dogg, how can I posesthe a bitch and also make her suck a dick and not get recorded for the posesthe of it?" ns called and also look here, this what you do Make the very first Lady market a small pussy for you
Twiztid - She Ain"t afraid katifund.orgIt"s sick, however man ns love the fat bitch She ain"t fear to recognize she likes penis and, She ain"t afraid to recognize she likes she pussy licked She ain"t afraid to permit me fuck her in the ass And always got she mouth open for the cum splash She ain"t fear to recognize she likes penis and, She ain"t afraid to recognize she likes she pussy licked
Cardi B - Bodak Yellow come "Bodak Yellow" by Cardi B: Said tiny bitch, you can"t fuck v me If you wanted to these expensive, these is red bottoms this is bloody shoes Hit the store, ns can get them both
INSANE CLOWN POSSE - FREAKY story katifund.orgInsane Clown Posse - Freaky story Freaky tales, ICP, true stories, short version genuine shit The Mighty fatality pop examine it out WOOOO! i met this girl Her surname was Joan
Sean Paul & David Guetta - mad Love clock the tempo, clock the tempo clock the tempo, watch the tempo watch the tempo, clock the tempo Love me, give me some mad love infant girl cau" me lovin" just how your body fat Gimme part a dat Lovin" exactly how your prey pop when the to win drop Come in my baby when you do it is a wrap
Young Thug - through Them katifund.orgI got a white bitch and also she provide me that Becky however her surname is Sari ns pimp, i don"t play through them She bad, I might stay with her ridge it up choose a Lego, yes Homicide, you can lay with them gained some hoes, you have the right to slay v them You understand that us players, we playing them She can"t be my wife, ns can"t put in there Diamonds every black like I"m ...
Yung Gravy feat. Lil baby - Alley Oop for Alley Oop by Yung Gravy feat. Lil Baby. Ay, drunk in Atlanta I"m at your crib through the load like I"m Santa with a bitch from Havan...
Saweetie - My kind (Latin Remix) katifund.orgBust under wrist, no a bust down bitch (Ah) said I want your man, no, the fuck, ns don"t sis (Uh, uh) If the a affluent nigga, why the still hitting licks? (Licks) Niggas safety bread but he quiet can"t hit Bitch, please, (Bitch), Lamborghini secrets Pussy dripping ice, he obtain flown the end to me Bitch please, I want a male with the Bs (Yeah)
YG - perform It v My Tounge (Remix) katifund.orgYG "Do It with My Tounge (Remix)": Bitch never had it favor that challenge in the pillow while i eat that from the Bitch ... Find "Do It with My Tounge (Remix)" YG "Do It through My Tounge (Remix)" (feat. Tyga) Bitch never had it favor that challenge in the pillow while i eat that from the ... Tell the bitch ghost ride that She gives me Becky, 69 ...
Snoop Dogg - A Bitch ns Knew to "A Bitch i Knew" by Snoop Dogg. Yeah, that"s right, I prefer that The royal dick is clean your Highness thank you, uh uh, Snoop, Kells you know exactly how we obtain down
Juicy J - avoid It katifund.orgI make money every day then I sphere with the profits Niggas dislike on me, ns tell em hatin" niggas protect against it walk fuck through a bitch, get that becky then I"m gone capture me on the loud pack, blowin ~ above this strong directly out of north niggas nigga 20 years in quiet rich and also ain"t gon stop acquiring rich
Becky G feat. Natti Natasha - Sin Pijama translate into in ...English translate in of text for Sin Pijama through Becky G feat. Natti Natasha. Solo, solito en la habitación Busca, que busca de mi calor, uoh-oh, no-no Quieres remedio ...
Sueco The kid - rapid katifund.orgBitch i make beats and also bad decision You in ~ Sueco"s avoid the bitchin" i ain"t really fuckin" through you if friend ain"t with the vision an initial time she came through, pulled under my britches i ain"t spendin" no bread, but I"ll pay she a visit I"m at LIV goin" up, yet you can"t acquire in it
Future - That"s A check katifund.orgI got shooters gonna make the news if castle pop the end Too plenty of diamonds on, they gained me snowboarding tell ya fuck the kid but ain"t got nun" to show for that Bloody Goyard that"s a checky This bad Ethiopian offered me becky (I swear to God) You view the means I talk, that"s a inspect This blonde ghetto large gave me becky my crip excellent bought the oo-ee worth ...
Drake - The Motto katifund.orgOh mine God, Becky, look at at she butt! Tunechi! currently she desire a photo You currently know though You only live once ‒ it is the motto nigga YOLO and we "bout the every day, every day, every day choose we sit on the bench, nigga us don’t really play Every day, every day, fuck what anybody to speak Can’t check out "em "cause the money ...
Deuce - help Me katifund.orgHelp me prior to I drift away! I"m the George bush of this rap shit, You can tell Randy Jackson to kiss my black color ass, I"m the white Obama bitch, You could judge this when I flip middle finger increase a little while ns quit, I"m sick of these world tryin" to tell me what i got, these thousand drums make you desire a little click,
YG - perform It v My Tongue come "Do It v My Tongue" by YG. Bitch never had actually it like that challenge in the pillow while ns eat that from the Bitch never had it favor that challenge in the pillow while ns eat it from the earlier It ain"t no dead in my video game how I perform it v my tongue
Plies - medicine katifund.orgOnce you get a sheep of me, you"ll think that I"m your medicine Shawty friend my medicine Your medication i think i need, i think ns need, ns think I require my medicine call me once you feel bad Call me on your sick day and also I swing through and also make sure your heat go away I deserve to make you sweat it the end Sweat top top me ...
Migos - Bad and Boujee katifund.orgCourt side with a bad bitch (bitch) Then ns send the bitch with Uber (go) I"m young and also rich and also plus I"m boujee (hey) I"m not stupid for this reason I keep the Uzi (rrrah) Rackings on rackings, gained backends on backends So my money makin" my ago ache you niggas obtained a low Act" rate (Act") us from the North, yes that way (North)
Tyga - Bouncin" ~ above My cock katifund.orgSo i make her head rotate Head physician nurse Becky medication Never pretend gain give you much more balls climate a in salt Ahhhhh, shake shake shake shake that ass prefer its nothing and drop fall drop that ass like it"s miscellaneous Niggas in club, niggas throw money, my niggas cram money Bitch I know you desire it got a badass bitch just bouncin" on mine dick
Empire actors - carry out It katifund.orgEmpire cast "Do It": Hey. Ese me lo Papi struggle me up prefer every night to speak you wanna have a pillow fight but you"re holdin... Empire cast - execute It |
Nef The Pharaoh - Lefty katifund.orgI don"t perform the Bluetooth, it provides you look prefer an certified dealer Cookie in the "wood from mine doc, I"m a patient She speak to me Chang, I acquired hoes the end in Asia All black color v the all white blazers Hoes speak to me Neffy and ain"t a nigga confirm me Wavy, no jet ski and I continue to be with somethin" hefty I also love head, so I"m lookin" because that a Becky
Plies - Becky to "Becky" by Plies. Deserve to Miss Becky please raise she hand, bruh I need some that that great head best now, bruh I need that Becky I"m on this liquor five so heavy
Tyga - Bouncin" on My cock katifund.orggot a gibberish bitch simply bouncin" ~ above my cock get deep in it, let me watch you shiver it rapid with some freak in it. Go ahead, bring it back, not run v it . Ns dumb vicious. Its pat time and also im tryna have actually some fun with it. She a negative bitch, and also that ass simply come wit it . Do it twerk, make it clap, go dumb wit that . Goddamn.
YG - ns Wanna Benz come "I Wanna Benz" by YG. We gained London top top Da Track i wanna Benz, ns wanna look good with my friends I require my money, that don"t ever end I wanna blow some bands, and also still have actually some bands i wanna it is in the motherfuckin" man
Justin Timberlake - SexyBack katifund.orgCome let me make up for the points you absence "Cause you"re burn up i gotta get it fast Take it to the bridge Dirty babe You check out these shackles infant I"m your slave I"ll let friend whip me if ns misbehave It"s simply that no one renders me feel this means Take it come the chorus! Come here girl walk ahead, it is in gone through it come to the ago Go ahead, be gone ...

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Future - That"s A check katifund.orgI might throw the up and also make a pile (yah yah yah) I simply made a poor bitch pout (yah yah yah) Hoes catch an perspective for this cash (woo!) tell me what she wanna do for this bag (yah yah) Pussy so an excellent girl friend ain"t gotta asking (yah yah) do niggas spend a check on that ass (yah yah yah yah) make a nigga spend a examine on that ass (yah yah yah yah)
YG - execute With my Tongue katifund.orgNo hands, tell the bitch ghost ride that She provides me Becky, 69 offer her Bobby In the sauna, hotter 보다 wasabi She gonna tickle in the middle acquired your clit ring ringing Screaming in the fucking pillow ... "Do through My Tongue" provided for educational purposes and personal use only. ...
Drake - The Motto come "The Motto" by Drake: I"m the fuckin man, you don"t obtain it execute ya? kind of money anyone acting like they knew ya walk Uptown, new York City Biiitch some Spanish girls love me prefer I"m Aventura tell Uncle Luke I"m out in Miami too

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