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I Wanna Go earlier to Ohio State

I wanna go back to Ohio State to old Columbus town, to the stadium to hear the band, By far the best in the land, i wanna go ago to Ohio State come old Columbus town, ns wanna walk back, ns gotta walk back, come Ohio Ohio, Ohio The hills send ago the cry We"re below to do or die Ohio, Ohio We"ll win the video game or understand the factor why! and also when we victory the game, we"ll to buy a keg of booze! and also we"ll drink come old Ohio, "Til we wobble in ours shoes! Ohio, Ohio We"ll success the game or recognize the factor why!

I Wanna Go ago to Ohio State owes its roots to the (University of) California drinking Song. I Wanna Go ago To Ohio State, choose the California Drinking song combines melodies from 3 songs. The most known melody comes from the song Oh, Didn"t he Ramble, which was composed by will Hanby, with cooperation of Ragtime musician Cole and also Johnson, in 1906. Later on that year, the tune California was written, by an unknown author, utilizing the chorus part of Oh, Didn"t the Ramble. In 1906, Ohio State adjusted California come the song Ohio. More information around the university of California connection can be uncovered here. It is feasible that ns Wavna Go back to Ohio State was written sometime in the late 1930s.

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The lines:

And once we victory the game, we"ll to buy a keg of booze! and also we"ll drink come old Ohio, "Til us wobble in our shoes!

Were added in 1907, as these currently are part of the California drinking Song. During Prohibition, Ohio State provided the lyrics:

And once we success the game, I"ll tell girlfriend what we"ll do We will certainly yell because that old Ohio, Til" us wobble in our shoes!

Restoring the California lyrics after Prohibition.

Like the California drinking Song, ns Wanna Go back to Ohio State likewise has unable to do through transition over the years. The song"s initial title to be Ohio, which offered the exact same lyrics together California, other than Ohio was substituted for California. For your information, the hills described in the song, are the hills the surround Berkeley. The very first nine lines were included sometime ~ 1928, and also the name of the song changed.

The very first nine lines of the i Wanna Go ago to Ohio State, use the melody of the song I desire To Go back To Michigan. Yes, you read that right. Maybe somebody"s idea the a inane joke? I want To Go back To Michigan was written as a drink song about student life in ~ the university of Michigan about 1913. It functions a tavern called Joe Parker"s Saloon, which was located in the an initial floor of the Catalpa Hotel in Ann Arbor (circa 1913 - 1920). It also features The Orient a mix cigar store and barber shop, i m sorry was located on the very first floor the the lengthy defunct asian Masonic Lodge. You can read more about Joe"s here. Both the Catalpa Hotel and also the asian Masonic Lodge were razed and replaced with new construction.

The MP3 and lyrics to I want To Go back To Michigan space as follows:

I desire to go back to Michigan, come dear Ann Arbor town, ago to Joe"s and also the Orient And earlier to several of the money i spent. I want to go earlier to Michigan, to dear Ann Arbor town, I desire to go back, I want to go back To Michigan.

Oh! Father and mother pay all the bills and also we have all the funny In the trusted rivalry of university life, Hooray!

And we have to number a hell the a lot to tell what we have done with the coin we blew At dear old Michigan.

Lines ten with fourteen, of i Wanna Go ago to Ohio State, use the melody of the chorus from five Didn"t that Ramble. Lines fifteen, sixteen and seventeen use a melody comparable to son of a Gambolier (If I had actually A Daughter). Lines eighteen and also nineteen revert ago to the melody the the oh Didn"t the Ramble chorus. It is possible the OSUMB plan dates ago to the 1930s.

I Wanna Go earlier to Ohio State is a favorite among alumni and students alike. It is typically played at the Alumni tape Day, i m sorry is commonly the an initial game of the football season, as well as the Homecoming game.

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Listen come the piano plan of ns Wanna Go earlier To Ohio State, which to be compiled from various sources.

Photo: 1938 Ohio State vs. Michigan, Courtesy The Ohio State university Archives

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