Thanks for exploring the ***ORIGINAL*** job design and seller!

It"s been carried to my fist that fairly A many of world have either copied or purchased all replicas of MY original patch design, and also are selling it for their own profit while i don"t gain a single penny. This is turoulend theft.

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I won"t pretend the I come up with the idea that substituting "I desire to believe" through "I desire to leave", however I was the an initial to put in ~ above THIS certain background, because I want it come be together close to the initial poster in Mulder"s office. Ns didn"t just select the picture from Google find - I invested hours making a comparable version that the original background, myself, through hand in photoshop using my own colours that ns liked much more than the original, and also spent secondary hour shopping and also trying fonts to complement the initial "I want to believe" poster. *My* labour got in this; if you"ve to buy the postcard or sticker from my shop, you have the right to see that it"s a style with range of beautiful and also bright colours, not the original background.

I invested time saving sufficient money to obtain these job made during a time wherein I desperately essential every dollar ns earned. I operated every single day to make sure that, if this didn"t sell and I"d hoped, ns wouldn"t be automatically homeless. Ns stressed so lot at the thought of having actually these made and being stuck to items the didn"t offer that ns didn"t pay to have them do for almost a year. Ns gathered mine courage and also I took a risk. I am an extremely fortunate and also grateful the it payment off.

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I didn"t pick the an initial or cheapest wholesale spot producers the I found - ns shopped for the ideal I can find, due to the fact that unlike the arts thieves, ns deeply care around quality and also I want my buyers to have the best. I paid extra money to have the producers make samples repeatedly because I wanted the color to be perfect. I don"t regret it, due to the fact that I have never received much less than a 5 star rating for these patches. Scroll down and see for yourself. I"ll wait.

** I recognize the desire to conserve money and buy cheap, as I loss within the poverty line. Ns am technically homeless after ~ a difficult year in an unhealthy life situation, and am at this time staying in someone else"s residence until I have the right to afford to do a happy house for myself. I am a damaged disabled artist, and also unable to job-related a 9-5 job; THIS IS THE ONLY job-related I AM right now ABLE to DO, and it is my only resource of income. Regardless of this, i would never ever dream of make the efforts to save a couple of bucks for a hardworking artist"s knockoff. By sustaining artists, you not only get the best, yet you assistance their survival and ongoing work. **

And the is exactly what those who buy indigenous me do: they ensure my survival, and encourage me come keep producing merchandise. There is no you, ns can"t come up v the money to make brand-new items that you"ll love. I don"t love what ns do nearly enough for just the money, because it doesn"t pay fine - I carry out it because I reap being able come give world the best and making castle happy.

Thank you for analysis this absurdly long novel, for understanding, and for not sustaining art theft. My love goes right into each and also every order, and I expect you feeling it too!

If you"re a fan of multitasking reflecting off her fandom and your feels, I"ve gotyour back.