Tommy Page, heart-throb singer the the early 90s, once he performed at the national Day "97 Padang Party in Singapore in 1997.PHOTO: ST FILE
Tommy Page, heart-throb singer the the early 90s, as soon as he performed at the Retrolicious 2015 concert in Singapore in 2015.PHOTO: ST FILE
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LOS ANGELES - Tommy Page, singer-turned-music executive, has actually died. He to be 46.

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Page was uncovered dead top top Friday (March 3), follow to Billboard, i m sorry reported that although the cause of death was unclear, number of friends believe it to be an apparent suicide.

Page started his career in the music industry at Sire records after conference its founder, Seymour Stein, who aided launched the careers the the Ramones and also Madonna.

His performing career began after composing the theme for the 1989 comedy Shag, and using the title monitor to start his debut, self-titled album.

A Shoulder come Cry On was his an initial hit in Asia, but his first big hit did not arrive until his follow-up, paints In my Mind i beg your pardon featured I"ll Be your Everything.

The song, composed with and also featuring brand-new Kids ~ above The Block, went on to reach No. 1 on the music charts.

In 1992, page made one appearance as himself on an episode of complete House title Crushed in which that sang to Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin) on she 10th birthday.

After releasing several much more studio albums, Page became an executive at Warner Bros. Records, and also later the publisher that Billboard. ~ a two-year stint, he offered as one executive for Pandora.

He to be last hired together the vice-president of music tandem at The village Voice.

Page, who pertained to Singapore several times in the 1990s, was last in Singapore because that Retrolicious 2015 whereby he carry out his hits like I’ll Be your Everything, once I Dream of You, A Shoulder to Cry On and also I Think i’m In Love.

He is endured by husband Charlie, and their three children.

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Members of the music industry mourned his death on social media, consisting of Josh Groban and also songwriter Diane Warren.

A kind and also wonderful male who aided me a lot at an early stage on. Helped pick my very first singles. He was and is for this reason loved. RIP mine friend. Https://

— mock groban (
joshgroban) march 4, 2017