Behold ns will execute a brand-new thing shall girlfriend not understand it. Ns will even make a way in the wilderness and also rivers in the desert (Isaiah 43:19). This is just one of my favorite scriptures. That is complete of hope and the promise the Almighty God to action in on our behalf and adjust things.

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The gospel singer Yolanda Adams sings a song titled, “Through The Storm.” A expression from the lyrics says, “He deserve to speak come the winds and the waves and also make lock behave.” ours God is the God of Miracles. He can calm seas, do rivers appear in dry places and produce perfect escapes from the wilderness.

Have you ever been in a location where there seemed to be no way out? have you ever gotten lost while do the efforts to gain from one location to another? depending upon the circumstances it deserve to be a frightening experience.

The scripture above assures us that God will come to rescue united state from the dry places in our lives. This contains those areas where we don’t have answers and a miracle is the just thing that deserve to turn things around. Ours God specialized in miracles the is the omnipotent Creator and knows how and when come get precisely what we should us.

Trust Him for the new thing the He promises and also if your belief is being challenged right currently ask God to assist you with that also. The is for this reason merciful. The hears your faintest cry. Be certain to recognize the transforms that He brings in her life even if they seem little at first. Your method will become clearer. The Lord states that you will recognize the readjust when that occurs. Give Him worship in development as fine as once those wonderful brand-new things appear.

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What brand-new things space you looking forward to in your life?Are you experiencing and dry locations in her life appropriate now? If so, questioning the lord to manifest this bible in those areas.Have friend noticed any kind of positive changes huge or tiny that have actually recently occurred in your life? If so, do a list of those things and also reflect on each one with a heart of gratitude.

God Bless!


Minister Kimberly smith is a woman who is committed to God and also has been serving the mr for much more than 30 years. She is a woman who radiates the love and compassion of Christ and emanates God’s an excellent hope for people. The Lord provides her mightily in locations of intercession, teaching, counseling, and also encouragement. She is additionally a prolific prophetic writer, watchfully scribing the whispers of God. God graced she with presents that have carried inner healing and also hope come many. Minister Kimberly and also her husband Minister Michael L. Smith developed an anointed talked Word CD title “The Pastor’s Journey.” She is the author and also her husband is the musical arranger, composer, and also reciter. She is a graduate the Kent State University v a M.Ed. In Rehabilitation Counseling, and also of Wilberforce University v a BA in Rehabilitation Counseling